Style Glam/Hard Rock

Country USA
PhotobucketPharoah played the role of the east coast’s tonic to the masses for the over saturated 1980’s L.A. Glam Scene. Pharoah was best known for their outrageous stage antics, big-hair & makeup and beat-conscious glam rock ‘n’ roll. Armed with their self-indoctrinated credo “Sex, Glam, Gloom” the band would dominate the metropolitan area’s music scene in the mid to late 80’s. With Pharoah being on everybody’s “A” list for record executive parties, (including guests like Paul Schaeffer, Jeff Beck, Gene Simmons and Joey Ramone), it wouldn’t be long before a company like CBS Records would rush in to capitalize on the band’s success. But the turn of the decade would bring a dramatic change in the music industry coupled with the corporate takeover of CBS Records by Sony Music, triggered conflicts from within. The band refused to compromise their brand of music and image to fit the copycat philosophy of the industry and would soon fall on hard times. Faced with a “too much too soon” reality, Pharoah decided to step aside and wait for the cycle to come back around before reuniting to awaken the ghosts of Rock n Roll past. During their career, Pharoah would open for multiple national acts, release two records on their own label (Lipstick East), showcase a video on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball”, appear on over a dozen cable shows including Manhattan Cable’s “New Music Show”, “Tucci at Two”, CTN Networks “The Underground Café”, “U-68”, and South Jersey’s “TV35”.
PhotobucketThe band caused quite a stir amongst local viewers, however, live that stir turned into shock, and shock at it’s best. Veterans of the stage, Pharoah played such venues like “The Cat Club”, “Club Nirvana”, “CBGB’s”, “The Limelight”, “Studio One” and “The Dirt Club” to name a few. With rave reviews in “East Coast Rocker’s” center-fold (August 27th, 1986) and a full-page feature in “Rock Magazine” (November, 1988), rock ‘n’ roll’s best kept secret would gain national notoriety and develop a loyal fan-base that today still stands the test-of-time. Fast forward to today, the “Rock n Roll Circus” is back in town. Original members Karl Dekira (Vocals/Guitar), Richard Fabio (Guitar), Scott Archer (Keyboards), Dennis Lords (Bass) and Nelson Pop (Drums), return with a hunger to push the envelope and suck you in like a twisted “Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth” production. This isn’t just a trip down memory lane. New technology and total creative control is what propels Pharoah into the 21st Century.


– Pharoah [1987]

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