Country Mexico

Style Melodic Hard Rock/AOR
PhotobucketOkey formed back in 1986 in Mexico with the intention to record their album; band’s member were : Fernando, Ramon Villafuerte, Erick Aldrett, Gerardo de la Cruz from San Luis Potosí and Jorge Luis Meixueiro from Mexico.

In 1987 they had their debut in « Sugar », a very prestigious club, and that very same year they took part in festivals like “Valores Juveniles” reaching the 3rd position.  Months later they took part in the “OTI” Festival  where they met Marco Flores, which would have produced their album later on, AVENTURA, for IM Discos and recorded in Dallas Sound Lab. in Texas. They recorded singles like Paraiso and Primavera and a new member was added to the band : Alex Salomon (guitar).

In 1990 they recorded their most successful album “Atrevete” that would award them with a golden record, the album included tracks like “Aventura”, “gloria”, Amigos o Amantes” and “Si tu no estas (Black is Black) ; after that, they started touring sharing the stage with the most representative bands of the era and, at the same time, they took part in TV programs suchs as “Siempre en Domingo”, “Estrellas de los 80s”, “Noche de Valores”, “La Movida con Veronica Castro”, “Festival Acapulco 92”, among the others, and formed part of the musical movement “Rock en tu Idioma”.


In 1993 they recorded their third album “Para perdonar” in Miami, with the new guitarist Javier Rivas, containing great tracks such as “Te Vas” and “Solo por ti”. In 1996 they recorded their fourth album “Pasion Prohibida” in Monterrey with Ruben Linder (keyboards) and at the same started a career as businessmen setting up the concept CONCERT HALL that was the showcase in bars and discos.

They edited a compilation of their successes “20 exitos balada y rock” under the same label.
In 2002 Emmerson Irurzo joined the band as keyboardist opening the LIFE concert hall in the city of San Luis Potosí ; two years later Ramon Villafuerte left the band and they replaced him with Manolo Cossio.

Nowadays Okey are preparing a new album and they’re touring with the concept Okeyretro “fantastic covers tour” and their own lyrics through the republic.

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– Aventura [1987]
– Atrévete [1990]
– Para Perdonar [1993]
– Pasion Prohibida [1996]
– Okey [2007]

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