Country Sweden

Style AOR

Inspired by the rock scene in the early 80´s, a ten year old Andreas Novak picked up a guitar in 1981 and spent the rest of that decade listening and learning from the contemporary rock bands like KISS, Queen, Journey, Van Halen, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Yes, Genesis, Def Leppard… – and guitar heroes like Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehly and Gary Moore. He appeared mainly as a guitar player in various local bands during the 80’s, singing lead only when there wasn´t any “real” singers around.

With singing influences such as Dio, Halford, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry among many others, Andreas didn´t consider himself to ever be able to play in their league. But at a time when the world was full of guitarists and the lack of competent lead singers was obvious, his choice to develop his singing skills came naturally. As he started to consider himself more of a lead singer and frontman, new opportunities unfolded immediately. He was suddenly a lead singer with guitar abilities when requested.

Studying at the Stockholm Music Conservatory in 1998, Andreas got in touch with the progressive band MIND’S EYE that needed a new singer for their second album. Andreas joined and their first album together, “…Waiting For The Tide”, went fairly well, followed by “A Work Of Art” that was released in 2002 and recieved great reviews worldwide.

Andreas Novak has always been free lancing on the side of MIND’S EYE, and felt the urge to widen his perspectives even more. After participating in the swedish TV-show “Fame Factory 2003” it was time to make an album out of his solo ambitions. With lots of help from a few handpicked talented guest musicians and co-writers, the album “Forever Endeavour” saw the light of day in 2005. Mind’s Eye released two more albums, and the last one called “A gentleman’s hurricane” got critical acclaim worldwide 2007.

Andreas started working on his 2nd solo album, and in June 2009 he parted ways with Mind’s Eye. He was soon approached by House of Shakira who needed a new lead singer for their fifth album. This band was exactly Andreas cup of tea, and their premier gig took place in April of 2010. Andreas’ second solo album “NoVakation” was finally released 22 July 2011, and Andreas’ first album with House of Shakira was released in january 2012. “HoS” marks a brand new start for the band and has gained critical acclaim worldwide.



– Forever Endeavour [2005]
– NoVakation [2011]



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