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PhotobucketBack at the end of 1985 guitar player V.M. Arias and vocalist Tony Cuevas ex members of Bella Bestia gave birth to NIAGARA. An Internationally focussesd group performing melodic hard rock with english lyrics, truly step forward for spanish artist in our recently aclaimed european community. In the middle of ’86 they started composing some songs, meanwhile their search for capable musicians was well underway for the forming of this international band. Once the former line up was completed the band accounted for (bass guitar player) Angel Arias, (keyboards) Ricky Castañeda and (drums) Joey Martos.

Now as consolidated international band they recorded their first demo with two songs making an outstanding on the public listeners, they decided to make a one small change in the group as advised by a close friend the band changed its original name from TORA TORA to the now known as NIAGARA. Now true quintet following its progressions, records a new demo including the song “You belong to me”. With this incredible hit the band recieves the offer to apear with KING KOBRA as an opening band in the Sala Canciller in Madrid, Spain. Their performance was so impresive that Alan Miller KING KOBRA’s current manager offered to take them to the United States, an offer that the band refused at that time, but taking advantage of his interest in the group they gave Alan Miller an all new demo containing four new songs: “Sometimes”, “Run with the Wind”, “Free like the Wind” and “No Conversation”. As they expected “fresh prey doesn’t stand to be eaten alone”, recording label Enigma also demonstrated great interest in signing NIAGARA but they did not easyly convinced. .

In January 1987 NIAGARA was awarded “Best demo of the year” a contest programed by “Basa Rock” a very important radio program. During that year NIAGARA performed in various locations, finally in December they began recording their first album “Now or Never” this album was co-produced by Carlos de Castro guitar player of BARÓN ROJO taking after BOSTON’S debut album, twelve tracks were submitted.

The presentation of their “Opera Prima” took place in Madrid in March 1998. 3000 people went there in a very huge event, unknown until that moment for a “begginer babd”. Within the crowd stood out one individual. Derek Oliver, journalist of a VERY POPULAR MUSIC MAG “Kerrang!” and A&R for ATLANTIC recordinbg label, who had flown in to Madrid with the sole interest of witnesing the NIAGARA’s performance live. Derek Oliver overwhelmed by the performance wrote a doble page article in KERRANG! With a five “K” evaluation. Due to that artice and their struggle for success, in May 88 NIAGARA’s debut album “Now or Never” raised to the top of the british charts.

As critics all over Europe gave wonderfull reviews of the bands overall criteria. In june they released an european version of “Now or Never” trough KILLERWATT recording label and under mangement of TKA touring throuhgout Spain for the rest of the year. At the beggining of 1989 the band comenced their first british tour under the mangement of Mike Oberman. Some important dates within their tour, were the presentation at The Marquee in London, and selling out in towns like Corby.

Their tour was so successfull that every promoter requested dates for a second tour. After their performance in the Royal Standard in London, the A&R for Chrysalis put a contract on the table, a contract that the band never signed. After taking a short breather for two months they went back to Britain to perform their second tour. They played in many different places like Leeds (The Duchess), Birmingham (Edwards, 8), Wigan (Maxines), Edimbourg (The Venue), Glasgow (Rooftops), Salysbury (The Arts Center), London, a repetition of success for mally expected at The Marquee, Corby and some other towns. NIAGARA had earned the respect of the british music scene and during that time they shared stage with bands later became famous like MARSHALL LAW, THE GRIP etc. Dissapointly this success in the U.K. had no response in their home country.

As the beat goes on during the summer of 1990 they released their second album “Backstage Girls” also produced by Carlos de Castro (Barón Rojo). That same year they went on stage with WHITESNAKE during their spanish tour performing with a newly aquired drummer Pablo Gianni from HAMLET In September they played at the “For life Festival” sharing the stage with bands like THE CROSS (Roger Taylor, QUEEN) and VENGANCE (Ian Parry). Unfortunattely this was the last concert with former line-up, Tony Cuevas lead vocalist left the band for unknown reasons leading the band for first dissolvement. Even after their separation two years later they recieved an offer from a radio program to create a sinthony. A piece tha will be called “Big Bang” (program’s name). This brought new illutions to the band’s memers the possible reuniting of the band engaging into the search for a new lead singer. After long, careful and selective tryouts they decided to incorporate Nick Schultz as lead vocal, born in Wales, and son of a famous Number 1 singer from England.

Back on their foot the band’s first step was to record a new demo with all new songs like “Shadow of love”, “Crazy”, “Time to Burn”, “Ten Black Roses”, “Little Love” and “Running”. Once completed, their main object was to locate a record company with the capability to launch them, having acclaimed such an enormous international prestige in the past. During this time they perforned their only concert with Nik Schultz as lead vocal, after the concert (a memorial festival for the dissapeared bass player Pedro Bruque), Nik flew back to London and never to be heard fom by the band again. Their plans to inmediatly enter a recording studio were now impossible.

Without the support of a lead vocalist the band struggled until finally contacting with J.A. Manzano (BANZAI, ZERO) who had did a great job with the siwss band EMERGENCY. They began recording a new album ”III” , recording took place between Madrid and Basilea, the town where Manzano lived. The album recieved excellent critics review, but unexpectly it did not have the repercussion needed in sales.

Then some excellent news came from Japan, a company known as Zero Corporation enabled them to release the album with two exclusive cuts: “Power” and “Look but don’t touch” . As possitive as the things seemed the band passed trhough their second break up. After a period of time the strenght and determination of V.M. Arias, founder of NIAGARA reunited and created a new demo album. Now with lead singer Ignacio Prieto (REINA DE CORAZONES) and songs like “Tomorrow Means Nothing”, “For All My Sins”, “It’s Not Money”, “Promises & Prayers” “It This Is It” and “In My Hands”. Now at the beggining of the new millenium PIES COMPAÑÍA DISCOGRÁFICA, are on the verge of releasing a new masterized version of “III” including the two exclusive cuts only known in Japan until today: “Power” and “Look But Don’t Touch”. Not to mention a collection of songs that never saw the light. This is nothing more than the story of a band, passing through the ages of NIAGARA.

Inside this double CD you will find master pieces like “Big Bang”, one of the most highly rated compositions by NIAGARA produced by Tommy Newton (Helloween, Victory, Elegy, Kamelot, Conception) and singed by Fernando García (VICTORY) and recorded in Area 51 Studios in Germany. Some other incredible songs are “Sometimes” produced by Carlos de Castro (BARÓN ROJO) in 1987, recorded in an old fashioned eight tracks recording system, or some other songs from “Now or Never” recording sessions with the band’s original line-up. All recordings have been re-masterized by José Villar and Luca Petricca at El Cielo de Madrid Studios.

The rest of the production includes songs from the unknown ages of NIAGARA for example in ’93 with Nik Schultz singing “Shadows of Love”, “Running Crazy”, “Little Love”, “Time to Burn” and “Ten Black Roses”. From 1996 we have included songs of NIAGARA with the last lead singer Ignacio Prieto, mainly: “Means Nothing”, “It’s Not Money” and “In My Hands”. The last song of the album, “Tears In My Eyes”, is a heartfelt wonderful feeling exercise played by V.M. Arias himself on the guitar. All of these songs were originally recorded in a domestic eight tracks system.

With this album, we only pretend to bring back the memory of the most important and musically inspirational international hard melodic rock band from Spain, and return the name of NIAGARA to the status it deserves, up among the greatest.


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– Now Or Never [1988]
– Backstage Girls [1990]
– III [1994]

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