Style AOR/Hard Rock

Country USA
PhotobucketNeverland hit the music scene at the beginning of the 90s as a four piece Californian rock band. They released their self-titled debut on Interscope in 1991 which is an amazing record, and also had one of their songs, “Drinking Again”, appear on the soundtrack to “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” (although it was actually the song “For the Love” that appeared in the film!).

The debut was well-received by all who heard it but had limited sales. The band toured to support the album, but they split up afterwards. Dean left, but according to Patrick Sugg, he “was kind of kicked out as he was really hard to get along with at times and hard to work with. All of us in the band, and all the people at the record company were fed up with him so we parted ways”. Too bad, but Dean went on to sing in “Revolution Child” and the excellent “Tribe of Gypsies”.

In 1996, Neverland reformed with a new vocalist “Bump”, who was way below the singing qualities of Dean, to release “Surreal World” in Europe (it was never released in the U.S.). Scott Garrett only recorded on half the tracks before he went off to play with “The Cult”. Kevin Valentine (ex-Shadow King) fills in for the rest of the tracks.

However, “Surreal World” was no way up to the standards of the original Neverland debut, and the relatively poor quality of the songs make this album an average record as opposed to a superb one.

Having released “Surreal World”, Neverland disbanded. The record was obviously recorded some time before it was finally released, as Patrick Sugg and Scott Garett had already formed a new band by then with Ian Astbury, the former singer of The Cult, called the Holy Barbarians. They released an album called “Cream” in 1996 (I think) on Warner Bros. in the U.K. and Beggars Banquet in Europe. They toured for about 10 months in ’96 in the U.S. and England and all over Europe.

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– Neverland [1991]
– Surreal World [1996]

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