Country Slovakia

Style Metal/Hard Rock


Metalinda is a Slovak rock band from Bratislava, which was founded in 1983. After initial success on some concert performances they received an offer from a group of music publishing OPUS to record their first single “Únik“/ „Klub Milionárov” . In 1986 Dušan Horecký join the group Metalinda to replaced Paul Grapple . The band recorded another single ( with video clip ) ” Každý chce ľúbiť ” and lyre occupied Bratislava #4with the song “Loď pre 5 miliárd ” . In 1990 the band released their debut album with hits like Metalinda were “Ján Amos džínový ” , ” VSR ” , “Šanca” , “Kovový kráľ” and ” Jago ” . The song “Ján Amos džínový” released also as a video clip andwon the Golden Triangle.

In 1991 Metalinda recorded their second album through the Czech publishing Tommie Records and produced by Jozo Raz and Julius Kinček . On this album are their most famous song ” Zaľúbená žaba” ( music video for it was made by director Filip Renč with the partitipation of the Czech actress Anna Geislerová ) and the song ” Vlasť malá zbabraná.”  On the third album that came out in 1992 the song  “Angie” , is about a girl who died of drugs . Concert tour of this period is inspired by this theme and is aimed at promoting the fight against drug addiction. Their fourth album came out in 1994 and a year  later they released their fifth album on their own label Metamusic. This album in just the first four months sold 15,000 copies . On a concert tour the band recorded material for their first live album , which was released in the same year under the title “Noc s Metalindou”. After this concert a new full length album released in 1996 titled “Na kolenách” , which has the hit song ” Sila je v nás” and an acoustic version of the bonus tracks from the previous concert album titled ” V nebi sa už nemusíme stretnúť.”

After this period, drummer John Lapoš left the band. In 1999 the group issued its first compilation titled “Hitovky” . After the release of their eighth studio album titled “Zavesení v prievane” came out in 2000 singer Paul Grapple left from the group.The next concert tour was selected after bankruptcy singer Martin’s Roman Čief . In 2003, the band released a double album titled “Tutovky” of which is a single CD with new songs and the other is a loose continuation smash compilation with some newly remix  songs. In September 2003, returns to the place Romana Čief former singer Dušan fever. In 2005, the band released the album “Biology” and in 2007 released another studio album titled “No.13” which include a bonus duet with Jožom Rážom titled Nebo zastav dážď“.

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– Metalinda [1990]
– Za Všetky Prachy [1991]
– Svetlo Na Druhom Brehu [1993]
– Láska Holých Prenáša [1994]
– No.5 / Maj May [1995]
– Na Kolenách [1996]
– Skús Sa Do Mňa Zahryznúť [1998]
– Zavesení V Prievane [2000]
– Biológia [2005]
– No. 13 [2007]

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