Country Argentine

Style Hard Rock

MAD formed back in 1997 in Argentina and in 1998 they independently recorded their first album that carried the same name of the band, gaining approval and being broadcasted by radios. The band was invited to different festival orginized by FM Rock and Pop and later recorded two tracks for a compilation by 4K Records.

In 2000 MAD was chosen to support Eric Singer, KISS’ drummer, to present his Kiss Expo ; that very same year “Cerveza Quilmes” chose MAD to play in Mar De La Plata and in one of the parades of the Capital Federal. In January 2002, they took part at the Monsters Of Rock Festival together with Iron Maiden, Rob Halford and Queens of the Stone Age in the Velez Stadium.
That year they also entered the EL PIE studios to record their second album «En Llamas», produced by 4K Records/Sony Music, where we can find the hit track “Pajarito on the rock’s” that later turned into a videoclip that would haven been broadcasted through the whole country.

In 2004 Nicolás Barreiro (guitar) joined the band and they released their third album, produced by Adrián Taverna (Divididos, Attaque, Redonditos de Ricota, Soda Stereo, Riff, Gustavo Cerati, etc.). From this album many hits came out such as “La rueda”, “Imperdonable” and “El postre” (for the last one a videoclip was recorded as well).

In December 2005 MAD took their first electric/acustic show which hosted artists like Black Amaya and was recorded in pro-tools. In January 2006, the band, held another show in the Cosquin Rock Festival in Còrdoba. In April, “Gato” Medina joined the band as a vocalist. In November 2006, after a sold out gig in Buenos Aires, they flew to Europe to continue the tour in Europe (M10) celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band and playing in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Canary Islands, Bilbao, and other cities.

In 2007 the band released a new live album titled “LAIV IN ONCE”, recorded on the 3rd of December 2005 in Buenos Aires and mastered in NY by Andy Vandette ( who also worked with Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, U2, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam, Tool, Bruce Springsteen, etc). In Summer of that year the band closed the 10 years party of the FM Rock & Pop Neuquén.

In 2008, the band played together with Motley Crue at the Pepsi Rock in Buenos Aires while in July 2009 they played in Liverpool for the Beatle Day ; that very same night they went playing at The Cavern Club, being the first Argentinian band playing there . In November that year the band edited “Dale que te gusta”, its 5th album produced by Ricardo Mollo.  In 2010 MAD played together with Metallica in the Orfeo Stadium in Cordoba while in April they presented their album in the Niceto Club.

– Mad [1998]
– En LLamas [2001]
– Segui La Flecha [2004]
– Laiv in Once [2007]
– Dale Que te Gusta [2009]






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