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Country USA
PhotobucketLixx Array formed in the summer of 1988, “I basically built it up from scratch,” said Blake Hastings in a recent interview, “I had done this before in the past numerous times, but this time I approached everything a bit differently. There was something extremely special about this group of guys.”

Blake first found Barry McGill through the local Recycler paper, instantly Blake knew he was the man for the drums even without him playing a note. There was an instant connection, vibe, look and all, and when they finally played together, Barry kicked ass on the drums.

Next they needed a charismatic frontman. Blake and Barry had heard of this hot new local singer Rusty Dades. They went to see him play one night with his band XL at an Orange County club called Jezebels. Needless to say, they were sold on the spot; they had found their man. His awesome stage presence drew you in and commanded your attention. Rusty had everything a frontman needed, great showmanship, powerful vocals, strong stage presence and attitude. Shortly after that Rusty decided to leave his band to join up with Lixx Array.

The last piece of the puzzle was finding the right Bass player. Rusty knew of this bass player, Rob Swanson. He was also playing in a local band called Javelin. They all went down to see him play and it was obvious they had found the last key ingredient to their new band. Rob had down the look, moves, bass skills, and vocal ability. Blake contacted him a few times, but Rob was initially reluctant. It took some time to convince him to leave his current band and move to the Lixx Array camp. He finally decided to join on. As Blake put it, “There you have it, the beginning of a very magical partnership and musical journey!”
PhotobucketThe band went right to work writing and creating their signature sound and live show. They entered the studio shortly after that to record a demo of their new songs. Lixx Array’s demo caught on quickly with the local O.C. hard rock crowd and set the tone for the success to follow. Songs such as “Dirty Dancing”, “Lover’s Moon”, “Sweet Samantha”, and “Rely On” quickly became crowd favorites.

At the dawn of the 90’s Orange County CA was in a frenzy, with much anticipation over the debut full-length release of Lixx Array’s “Reality Playground”. By this time, Lixx Array’s exciting concerts and professional sound had already garnered the attention of Hollywood celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Alan Thicke, Sam Kinison, Kristy Swanson and Michael Anthony of Van Halen.

Lixx Array having signed with “Centerstage Management” released its first full-length album later that year. “Reality Playground” proved to be the best independent hard rock release in the Orange County Area. Professional from the inside out, Lixx Array’s high quality production, guitar layered grooves, powerhouse choruses and catchy harmonies, made this release an instant hit with fans abroad.

Lixx Array was one of a few bands in the U.S. to be added to the play-lists of top “P1” radio stations, which are typically dominated by the major labels. Over 50 rock stations nationwide had them on regular rotation with several singles appearing on regional top ten lists. Lixx Array in 1990 won two awards at the Orange County Music Awards, one for the Best Power Ballad “Once in a Lifetime” and the second of the evening for Best Live Show.

Lixx Array has graced the pages of countless newspapers and magazines such as a feature article in the “Los Angeles Times” calendar section, BAM magazine (Bay Area Music) and Metal Edge. Their sellout shows and live performances brought them rave reviews from some of the area’s most difficult critics.

Lixx Arrays fans followed them from their Orange County club roots to their L.A. sold out shows at the Roxy, The Whiskey and The Troubadour. They’re high energy shows shamed the competition. Lixx Array continued to spread their music to the West Coast by touring Arizona, Denver and Utah to name just a few.

Without major label backing and distribution Lixx Array has sold 20,000 CD’s to date. Add to that, Four Lixx Array tunes appearing in the movie “Animal Instincts” which still today continues to get played on cable television.

In early 1992, Lixx Array returned to the studio to record “Mud in your Eye”. The album showed the maturity in the band’s songwriting and move towards a heavier sound. On the albums lead off track, “Mud in your Eye”, the band collaborated with Lemmy from Motorhead. The results were so powerful that Lemmy decided to add his own vocal touch to the tune. The album also featured the heavy tracks “Addicted to Pain”, “Mr. Angry”, “Lost Along the Way” and the heart felt “For the World to See”.

MindBlown Records is extremely excited to bring back the power and the magic of Lixx Array. Roll back with us to a time when the clubs were alive with fans supporting local music. Radio was supporting and promoting local music. The Sunset Strip was packed with bands and fans mingling. The music was pouring out for all to hear.

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– Lixx Array [1987]
– Reality Playground [1991]
– Mud in Your Eye [1992]

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