Country USA

Style Hard Rock


Founder of the band, Farryl, (guitar, vocals) started Lickity Split in 1988 after a successful run with his previous band, “Bratz”. Farryl had a chance meeting with Trik (drums, vocals) and they hit it off immediately. They took an ad out in the Music Connection for the ultimate singer saying, “If You’re Ready, Let’s Go!” and Kenny (lead vocals) answered and joined. The band was rounded out by Michael (guitar, vocals) and Yancey (bass, vocals) who were also previously in Hollywood’s successful band, “Bratz”. As Lickity Split progressed, Trik left the band and Kevin (drums, vocals) was brought in from Canada to keep the band rockin’.

Lickity Split was a huge part of the 80’s Sunset Strip Metal scene. They achieved great popularity and sold out shows at The Roxy, The Troubadour, Gazzarri’s, The Whiskey A Go-Go, and other Hollywood clubs. They were part of the Sunset Strip scene along with bands such as Guns and Roses, Poison, Warrant, LA Guns, Jetboy, Tuff, and many others. They were the first band to advertise their shows on candy bars rather than the usual fliers and to advertise themselves on tongue rubbers and lingerie that they gave out at their shows.

Lickity Split was the Hollywood band chosen out of many to be featured on the TV show, “What It Takes” featuring an up and coming child actress named Jennifer Love Hewitt. They also drew much attention from local radio stations, KNAC and Pirate Radio with their radio personalities, Long Paul, Tawn Mastery and Pat Peach introducing several of their shows. One show even brought the rival stations together on stage at the same time!

Lickity Split ventured out beyond the Southern California scene with successful stints throughout the United States while recording their music and working with renowned manager and Denovo Music Company’s, Andy Truman. Truman worked with many successful artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Black Sabbath, Alcatraz, and The Bay City Rollers.

If you were lucky, you picked up a copy of Lickity Split’s first cassette that sold out multiple times at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip. Lickity Split, along with their former manager, Meredith Day, was the first Hollywood band to come up with the marketing idea to put a 3-D picture, complete with 3-D glasses, in as a bonus to their fans. This idea would later be used by other Hollywood bands.

Lickity Split was resurrected by RetroSpect Records in 2009 to reissue their music for all of the 80’s rock fans and re-united for Rocklahoma 2009 and won over a legion of new fans! Lickity Split hopes that their music will bring back all of those great memories of Hollywood in the 80’s, good times and rock and roll! 


– Stick It In [2009]

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