Country Bolivia

Style Hard Rock

In 1993 the band, “NTN” ( Juan Calderón, Miguel Serrano and José Alberto) laied the foundations of what would have later became “LA LOGIA”. In the mid of the year 1998 the band “LA LOGIA” formed in Sucre, capital city of Bolivia ; its former members were Juan Calderón, José Alberto, Hernán Laguna, Edwin Olivares and Bismark Cespedes. In 1999, they recorded their first album, under a local label, titled “La Logia”.

In 2000 the band was selected by Radio Hit as best Rock band with the award Hit versión 1999-2000. In that very same year, the band was nominated by Radio La Bruja (with a phone survey that lasted one week) as best rock band of the millenium in Sucre. In 2001 “LA LOGIA” released their second album titled “Nacer para Morir » under the Discolandia label.

The 8th of August of 2001 they started presenting “Nacer para morir” in Equinoccio. The album was presented also in the following programs : Disca y Ve (ATB), Rockopop (PAT), Bolivia en mi corazón (RTP), Sábados de la alegría (RED UNO) and SITEL. In September 2001 “La Logia” took part in the VIII Festival Internacional de la Cultura. In 2002 “La Logia” took part again in the new version of the Festival Internacional de la Cultura. Moreover, they were selected to support the band “EL TRI”.

In 2003 the band released a third album : “La función debe continuar” with the following line-up : José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Fernando Romero and Julio Ríos. The official presentation of the album was held in the University coliseum, with a huge number of audience.

The band was awarded at the Rock and Bol with the videoclip “Mil Razones”, video released by the vocalist of the band.

After 2 years and a half and some tough times to face, the band released a fourth album in 2006 : “SIN BOLETO DE VUELTA” ; the album carried the following hits : Espuma Negra, Los Hijos del Sol and No eras Para Mi. The album was presented in August in the Plazuela Aniceto Arce in front of 7000 fans. The line-up for this album was the following : José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Gonzalo Calvo and Cidar Gutierrez.

In 2007 the La Bruja radio awarded the band for its 10 years of music, while presenting them together with Molotov. The band took part again in the Festival de la Cultura this time together with Track, Quirquiña and Climax. In 2008 the band took part in the OST for the Bolivian movie LA MALDICIÖN DE ROCHA, also with their vocalist appearing in a scene.

At the end of the year 2008, the band started recording their 5th album titled “LA GARRAPATA CÓSMICA” which included 12 unreleased tracks plus a 13th bonus track (the song for the movie “La maldición de Rocha”). This time, music and composing were released by José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Gonzalo Calvo and Cidar Gutierrez themselves.

This last album, “La Garrapata Cósmica”, was presented in a live show in April 2009 in Aniceto Arce, again with many fans attending. In May 2009 the band was awarded by the Honorable Alcaldía Municipal of Sucre as most representive rock band of the city and for their contribution in music culture for over 10 years. At present, the band is working on the promotion of the new album.



– La Logia [199]
– La Función Debe Continuar… [2003]
– Nacer Para Morir [2004]
– La Garrapata Cosmica [2009]





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