Country Colombia

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

KRONOS came back to a new life, thanks to a brand new sound and a brand new line-up, and released a new album titled UNA HISTORIA MAS, an album containing 7 tracks produced, adjusted and recorded by Germán Villacorta, a very well known productor who worked with artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stone, Stone Temple Pilots, Limp Bizkit, etc.

To start talking about Kronos we have to go back in 1985. After two years, the band won the contest in the Primer Festival Nacional de Rock in Bogotá. Soon, the CBS channel in Colombia through its label TENAZ, released their first album titled ROCKERO SOY. Just the time to release the album and David Corkidi (Guitar), Isi Toledo (Drums), Felipe Suárez (Bass) and Peter Shroeder (Vocals) began to share the stage with bands like Barón Rojo, Enanitos Verdes and Quiet Riot.

Jorge Fresquet as a vocalist and Andrés Mora as a bassist, joined the band in 1989 and, two years later and under the label SONOLUX, KRÖNÖS released their first single (EP) with hits like “Fuego En Mis Venas” and “El Rotito”, the first of these two tracks was included in a compilation titled “Metálicos y Latinos”. In 1992, the band was called to open the Guns N´ Roses live show in Bogotá.

In 1993 KRÖNÖS released the album “Volver a Empezar”, produced by Mike Adams, that allowed them to support artists like Franco de Vita and Soda Stereo, as well as becoming the symbol band of their own city in the concert held in the Ecomundo en Cali with artists like Rata Blanca, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Roger Daltrey (The Who).

Despite that, KRÖNÖS decided to take a break to come back only in 2002, thanks to a track titled “Fuego En Mis Venas” included in a tribute compilation to national rock titled “La Historia No Se Repite”, released by SUM Records. The song started being played by the radios and Corkidi and Fresquet decided to get in contact with Felipe Suárez and Jose Fernando Beltrán to form the band once again.

They released a new album, independently, titled “Todo Está Bien” in 2003. The strong point of the album were the tracks “Igual Que Ayer” and “Todo Está Bien” as they were played in local radios, while they were touring in cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Popayán and Pereira, and sometimes together with bands such as Rata Blanca and Kraken.

In December 2004 KRÖNÖS took part in the “Concierto Joven De La Feria De Cali” in the Pascual Guerrero Stadium sharing the stage with artists like Fito Páez, Los Prisioneros and La Mosca Tse-Tse. In 2006, they started working on another album with the title “Mil Doscientas Sensaciones”, that combined the band with the Rock and Roll sound together again and, moreover, included the keyboardist Luis Fernando Caballero.

At the ed of 2007, the bassist Giorgio Mantovani and the drummer Juan Carlos Osorio joined the band ; with that line-up the band started touring in 2008, as well as in bars in Bogotà where they gained a receptive presentation in the Festival Rock Al Parque and as opening band at the White Lion concert. The following year, KRÖNÖS opened the show for Baron Rojo.

In 2010 Fresquet, vocalist of the band for 20 years, decided to leave it to start working on a solo project. Corkidi though, brought back KRÖNÖS to life engaging a new vocalist : the 21 years old Jhon Bryan Díaz who was discovered in the “Rockopolis” annual festival.

The new line-up is now the following : Díaz vocals, Corkidi guitar, Caballero keyboards, Daniel Rosero bass and Osorio drums ; KRÓNÖS is now ready with the album “UNA HISTORIA MAS” which includes tracks like “Sueños De Neón”, “Laberinto”, “Tierra Viva” and the very first single from it titled “Ella”, in the very pure hard rock style that has always been part of this band.

– Rockero Soy [1988]
– Fuego En Mis Venas [1990] EP
– Volver A Empezar [1993]
– Todo Está Bien [2003]
– Mil Doscientas Sensaciones [2007]
– Una Historia Mas. Independiente [2011]


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