Country Australia

Style Hard Rock
PhotobucketKings of the Sun was an LA-style leather and hair heavy rock band which through no fault of its own failed to succeed despite early promise, although they released several excellent albums and toured worldwide several times.

Vocalist Jeffrey Hoad and his brother Clifford Hoad started their career in a band called Young Lions, till their guitarist Bob Spencer decided to leave it to join Angels in 1986. When Young Lions disbanded, the two brothers formed the band Kings Of The Sun under the Mushroom Records. The debut single of the band, “Bottom Of My Heart/ “Bad Love”, gained so much success that had them reach the National Australian top 20.

They were about to leave the scene in 1986 but Simon Lowe, RCA, contracted them after having seen them playing live in his hometown, Sydney. The band started touring the U.S. in 1987, before they started working to their debut album with their producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones). When guitarist Ron Thiessen left his band, started playing with Jeffrey Hoad, he had future his self titled debut album released in October 1988, before guitarist Glenn Morris joined. That album released the following singles: “Serpentine” / “Wild Cat” (july) and “Black Skin” / “Bad Love” (october).

The band toured the States supporting Joe Satriani, then they went touring Europe supporting Kiss, to eventually come back to Australia in 1988. Supporting Guns N Roses at the Sydney Entertainment Centre led to a complete disaster for the band: first because Jeffrey Hoad took his pants down in front of the audience and second because of Axl Rose swearing; both had the audience turning their back to the band.

Nevertheless, the band kept touring abroad even if Morris left it for a while in 1989. Kings Of The Sun released their second album “Full Frontal Attack” (august 1990) with the singles “Drop the Gun” / “Haunt You Baby” and “I Get Lonely” before the band started touring again in the U.S. to support Lita Ford.

The band toured with Screaming Jets in Australia before Morris and Ragg definetly left the band in 1992. The America bassist Brad Spurr joined the band for their third album, Resurrection (may 93). This album released the following singles: “Trapped Inside Your Heart” (april) and “Road to Nowhere” (july), that very same year they supported Jimmy Barnes. The American Phil Soussan joined for their 1995 single “Bombs Away”. Kings Of The Sun supported Sammy Haggar in the Australian tour in 1998.

Rich & Famous was an idea of the Hoad brothers, the majority of the people is familiar with the rock sound of the Kings Of The Sun and they still have many fans today, fans that kept listening to them despite they split up at the beginning of the 90s. Both felt discourage by the music scene of that era.

Despite the years gone by since their last album, the two brothers still had the music vibe in their veins and a good taste for rock music. Jeff and Cliff didn’t stop playing together and writing lyrics so they came up with a lot of new material that was waiting to be released. In 2003 the Hoad brothers, together with their mate Dean Turner, formed the rock band Rich & Famous.

After listening to the first two albums by Rich& Famous I can really appreciate how every song in this album is different and they remind you of the rough hard rock sound that you had in Kings Of The Sun. The album shows how Jeff and Clif wrote the songs naturally and with their different abilities and talent for music. Rich&Famous is the proof that the Hoad brothers sound can be cold and slippery, in pure hard rock style.

The band has always been influenced by great Australian hard rock bands such as come AC / DC, Rose Tattoo and often compared to Ted Nugent and Aerosmith. With Rich and Famous the Hoad brothers released a masterpiece of pure rock with great melodies and solid rock. Rich & Famous is once again the proof that rock never dies, it just gets better and better instead.

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– Kings Of The Sun [1988]
– Full Frontal Attack [1990]
– Ressurection [1993]

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