Country Italy

Style Hard Rock

Hard rock band from Italy was formed in l994 by singer and leader FREDDY DELIRIO also Known for being the current keyboard player from the World famous Horror Band Death SS (In Death of Steve Sylvester) with witch he did many tours and recorded “The best of…horror music”, “Mad Messiah”, “The 666 Box”, “The four horsemen” in “The seventh seal”, “1977-2007 30 Years of Horror Music”, “Live 2008 I-Gods of Metal”.

In l997 they realize “Let me see your ass live ‘97”, and recorded the song “Thunderbird” for the “Indie-Pendence Day” compilation released from the american label Delinquent Records (Alabama USA).

In 2ooo H.A.R.E.M. realized their first studio album “You’re Fascinating”, the cd was produced, recorded and mixed from Freddy Delirio in his personal studio “FP Recording Studio”.

In 2oo3 the band released the 2nd album “Shake me” (FP Arts, PYC Productions, RedLed Records), this one was recorded from Freddy with the collaboration of RedLed Records. In these years they had an enormous live activity that carried the band to play everywhere in Italy and participated to the most important Hard ‘n’ Heavy festivals playing with the greatest world famous bands.

In 2oo8 is time for the DVD “The Dirty Dozen…of years!!!” (FP Arts, PYC Productions) containing live performances and an interview with Freddy and NiK (Bassist) where they talk about the tumultuous life of the band in the past years. In 2o10 H.A.R.E.M. are ready to present the new album: ”Kings of the Night” (FP Arts, Self Ditribuzione).

in 2011 the band has 3 releases: 2 tributes (the song “UNDER THE GUN” for “I’M A LEGEND TONIGHT” tribute to Eric Carr (BOLOGNA ROCK CITY RECORDS) and “IN ROCK WE TRUST” for “OFFICINA DEI SOGNI” tribute to STRANA OFFICINA (ETRURIAN LEGION)) and the live album “ONE NIGHT ONLY”(BOLOGNA ROCK CITY RECORDS).

FREDDY DELIRIO (Vocals); NIK GIANNELLI (Bass) joined the band in l998; MATT STEVENS (Guitar) joined H.A.R.E.M. in 2oo7.


– You’re Fascinating [2000]
– Shake Me [2003]
– Kings of the Night [2010]

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