Country USA

Style Melodic Hard Rock

PaulStudio2Guilty Pleasure was formed by melodic hard rock writers Paul Alfery & Steve Skyler. With Paul laying down the tunes and Steve providing lyrics & melody lines, the duo crafted a hard sound with great hooks to fill a major void in today’s music. For those that love good, melodic hard rock but can’t find anything new at the stores due to the record company’s narrow scope, you’ve come to the right place. Young & old are going to enjoy Guilty Pleasure. It’s so old it’s new.

Their debut album recorded at Underground Studios for Residential Records in St. Louis, MO (Paul’s home base while Steve resides in Los Angeles), the Guilty Pleasure CD looks and sounds as good as anything you’d buy in a store minus depression, sound-alike soul, easy listening, boy bands, new metal angst, or rapping. In addition to producing, Paul handled the guitar, bass, and keyboard work while Steve tackled the lead and backing vocals. The Guilty Pleasure CD also features crack sessionBill2005 man Greg Morrow from Nashville on drums and percussion, along with mastering by Brian Foraker. Brian has worked on Kiss, Heart, Whitesnake, and many other melodic hard projects. We thank him for taking our sound to the next level.

This project has been Paul’s labor of love in bringing this CD to fruition. He brought Greg Morrow’s flawless drumming into the fray, along with Brian Foraker’s mastering, and Tracy G’s “grasshoppa” like advice to get to the end result, that and a few late nights and self-enforced deadlines. After seven years…….Guilty Pleasure release “Crossed The Line”, an album filled with melodic tunes as they were done by all of our heroes in the 80s “with” some of those heroes including members of Dio, Iron Horse, Danger Danger and Vanilla Fudge!!

guiltypleasure GP-CTLCD

– Busted [2003]
– Cross the Line [2010]


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