Country Sweden

Style Melodic Hard Rock


A Melodic Rock band in the usual Scandinavian tradition, Fortune have fared better in Japan than they have at home, although ‘Calling Spirits’ and ‘Lord Of Flies’ albums, both produced by Stone Fury’s Bruce Gowdy, have since been made available in Sweden by the Empire label. “Making Gold” is the band’s first record came out in 1992, having great song writing with by very talented guys. Benny Soderburg is the brains behind this group. He also has a great voice (sounds like Goran Edmund), that can be compared with Malmsteen/Goran Edman era.

With the band’s second album “Calling Spirits” released in 1994  is first class rock that keeps the band’s tradition of well played and quite melodic hard rock.Fortune augmented their line-up for the third record, ‘Lord Of Flies’, by adding second guitarist Emil Fredholm, although a roster change had also occurred with drummer Thomas Haukilahti losing his place to Sebastian Sippola.

During 1996 vocalist Benny Söderberg released a solo project titled Benz which featured ex-Glory guitarist Jan Granwick and former Europe men bassist John Levén and drummer Ian Haugland. Guitarist Henrik Bergqvist journeyed on to play with Southfork, Tiamat and in June 2008 joined The Poodles.



– Making Gold [1992]
– Calling Spirits [1994]
– Lord Of Flies [1996]

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