Country Hungary

Style Hard Rock/Progressive Metal


Fahrenheit was formed in 1994 after by guitarist/vocalist Zoltán Maróthy, bass player Gábor Vörös and drummer Csaba Tobola, all former members of Ossian. The first album Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit) in April 1995, the second (alone) is not quite a year later, Sony Music Edition. The band’s first tour of major concert venues took place in the country and the boys toured rock clubs. Then they decided to create their own club. Since the autumn of 1997 Lágymányosi Community House was charming show, almost every month.

The year 1999 brought many changes to the lives of Fahrenheit. Good and a bad thing. The bad news is that the club ceased to fall, but in May released a long-awaited new album. To date, III is their last album as the members are busy with their other projects. Maróthy is the guitarist/vocalist of KISS Forever Band (KISS Tribute), with whom he has toured Europe several times in the role of Space Ace; Vörös has played with such bands as Omen, Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel and Hungarica. Tobola has also spent 10 years (1995-2005) with KISS Forever Band and is now playing with L’art Pour L’art Társulat.

Since 2001, the band toured less frequently. Around 2004 the idea arose to return, but their last show took place in February 3, 2006 in Wigwam Rock Club in Budapest. Their unofficial fourth member was Gábor Gyöngyösi (keyboards), known from such acts as Hard/H.A.R.D.


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– Fahrenheit [1995]
– Egyedul [1996]
– III [1999]

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