Country USA

Style Hard Rock


Wreaking havoc from the Bay area to the Hollywood hills, the Los Angeles band Diamond Lane delivers an infectious blend of rock and roll along with a mesmerizing stage presence.

Since their Hollywood debut in 2009 to a sold out crowd at The Viper Room, this California quintet has ballooned into the next mammoth rock phenomenon. Their third body of work, World Without Heroes, was recently released in May 2011 to yet another sold out crowd, this time being played at The Roxy Theatre. This record is one of their most impressive and adventurous endeavors to date.

Front man Brandon Baumann leads the straight forward rock unit, supported by Jarret Reis and Frankie Lindia on guitar, Ray Zhang playing bass, and Zak St. John holding down the drums and percussion. Their presence throughout California continues to grow, landing them back to back performances at the Sunset Strip Music Festival as well as in nearly every iconic venue throughout the Golden State, including opening slots for worldwide behemoths such as Aerosmith and ZZ Top.

Capable of inking everything from hard driving rock to radio friendly singles, Diamond Lane keeps the tunes flowing and the party shaking everywhere they turn up. World Without Heroes sees the band growing and maturing, while still remaining true to their heavy roots and influences, utilizing everything from thunderous double bass drumming to ear searing guitar solos. Baumann’s soaring vocals lead the charge, spinning songs which have the feel of a late Friday night spun out of control, backed by energetic guitar riffs and rock solid bass lines which drive the band up and over the naysayers.Featuring ten tracks which clock in at a shade under 40 minutes, the brand spanking new record allows fans to bite off as much as they can chew while head banging and fist pumping themselves into musical oblivion.



– Cut To The Chase [2005]
– World Without Heroes [2011]

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