Country USA

Style Hard Rock

10255608_296370753862605_2218089944452685590_nCold Shot was formed in the Fall of 1988 and was founded by guitarist Anthony Gallo and vocalist Adam Murray. Un-known to Gallo Murray had already been in the L.A. Music scene a while and was dis heartened by the other musicians he was meeting and was about to return to Virginia when the two met. Gallo and Murray were introduced by Karen Dugmore daughter of guitarist Dan Dugmore at a show in the San Fernando Valley. Karen had asked Anthony to take a listen to her friend Adam sing.

Adam and Anthony became fast friends and it was soon apparent that there musical tastes were similar, as well as their dreams of becoming future rock stars. The band was initially called “Shark Team” a name Adam despised and he wasn’t shy about his feelings for a new name. Erin Bartley and Rikki Baggett both hail from Portland Oregon and had come to Los Angeles to pursue their passion for music. Answering an add placed by Murray and Gallo, Erin found out that they were also seeking a drummer and he had suggested his friend and roommate Rikki.

After a few (sell your own ticket shows) and Adam’s insistence “Shark Team” changed their name to “Cold Shot” and soon caught the attention of concert promoter Sam Sarkiss who had started “Sarkiss Productions” a few years earlier. Cold Shot was selling out places like the Roxy and the Whisky a Go Go on a regular bassis. It was often that people would see the boys of Cold Shot hanging around the Rainbow or Roxy with the guys from Guns and Roses or Motörhead promoting their shows with band fliers. Cold Shot was known as a party band but got down to business when it came to the music.11201927_468555539977458_1317299586016126350_n

Cold Shot recorded a live version of their most popular song “No Time” at Filthy McNasty’s FM Station in the San Fernando Valley. They also recorded two songs for Brad Pitts first independent film “Across the Tracks” which also starred Ricky Shroder They were “Juicy Lucy” and “Higher” the later was also credited to Carlos Cavazo of Quiet Riot whom had been Gallo’s long time friend and guitar teacher. These recordings were produced by the late Mark Eisenstein and Russ Castillo who was one of the engineers who worked on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” as well as some production credit to Gary Ferguson of Eddie Money.

In 1990 Anthony Gallo and Erin Bartley were both offered an exclusive guitar endorsement through Renegade guitars which built and painted custom instruments. In 1992 Cold Shot was offered a record deal with Virgin Records through AnR rep Arron Jacoves but soon after the label was discouraging Jacoves from signing any more Metal acts as Nirvana had just come out with the smash hit “Teen Spirit” and single handedly smashed the Metal scene into pieces. Bands like Poison and Ratt just weren’t selling and the whole Seattle mania had begun.

The band was also mentioned on the Bullet Boys CD Za-Za (1993); and accredited through Marq Torien for their name, as well as live performances with them. Cold Shot had hung in there through Spring of 1994 and disbanded that same year. A reunion show is in the works after their 2014 release at Palladino’s in Tarzana on July 25th.


– Cold Shot [2014]

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