Country Mexico

Style Glam/Hard Rock


Cherrie is the name of a band that play a mix of glam, hard rock and pop metal. The band’s memebers are : Melissa (vocals), Quintana (guitar), Chewbaca (drums) and Edgar (bass).

The band formed back in 2001 in Santiago de Querétaro (Mexico) under the name of
“Diablodiosa”, when Melissa started writing lyrics and playing acustic rock in local events. After some months, Chewbaca and Quintana joined her. That time they decided to change their name into “Cherrie”, that now play rock in his classic style and a renewed style of glam with power ballads in 80s vein. The band established itself as one of the most active new bands of the rock scene in Queretaro.

In 2003 Cherrie recorded their first album titled “Frutos Cósmicos”. To promote their album they played in places like Celaya, México DF, San Miguel de Allende, San Juan del Río, Tequisquiapan, León and Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Other than that, the band could count on the support of local media like the Querétaro newspaper, Revista Rola, Televisa Querétaro, Canal 14, Radio Universidad, Radio Querétaro and Exa 94.7.

The band also got some awards : in 2004 Cherrie gained the first prize for vocalists and the 3rd one in overall in Generación Rock 2004 (Querétaro). At a national level, they gained good popularity in the capital thanks to the Orbita 105.7 program (now called Reactor) as they reached the 4th position, among 600 bands, in the Rastreo De Bandas 2 and the 2nd position in the Rock’n Exa in EXA 94.7 in 2006.

The band shared the stage with artists like : Julieta Venegas, Zoe, Nikki Clan, Jesse and Joyin. In the Dragon Zaga debut album, “Fuego Norte” by Antídoto, Melissa duets with Xuan Long in the song “Soy”.

The point of strenght of Cherrie while playing live is their way of performing on stage. 2008 found the band with the release of a new album with the title “Hot Pink Camerino”, produced by themselves in the Inzonic studio. Cherrie is extremely proud to be a Mexican band, they’re working for the same purpose : to give raise to Mexican rock and to place attention on Querétaro.


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– Frutos Cósmicos [2003]
– Hot Pink Camerino [2008]



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