Country Italy

Style Melodic Rock/Bubblegum Glam

unnamedThe band was born in 1997, when singer Robby Sinz met guitarist Sicksexx; Robby’s schoolmates Fede on drums and Franci on the bass joined soon, and the name they choose was Shampoo’s Loverz. During the following two years, they made a lot of practice, played some gigs (with setlist featuring mostly glam rock covers plus a couple of originals), and also changed the name to Lollypop.

In early 1999 Franci leaves the band to join Stormlord, and Rob’n’Roll is recruited on the bass, completing the “classic” line-up, but the band splits because of lack of interest. Ten months later, a renewed interest brings the four members together again, and this time things work much better: they start writing new songs, rearrangins some old ones, playing more gigs (in bigger and better venues) and being more confident in their powerpop-oriented style – that brings to the decision to change their name into Bubblegum Kiss.

The result is the long awaited debut cd, “Welcome To The Lollypop City”, released during the summer of 2001 and recorded with a very low budget, very short time but lots of passion and commitment. The reviews are incredibly positive, way beyond the band’s expectations, and the cd sells good in the world even if there was no myspace, no e-commerce and not so much internet at the time.

The following year, the band and Fede split, but they gain a distribution in Japan through the Disk Heaven stores (located in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya), which helps spreading their music, and get also the chance to shoot a professional videoclip (but the video was never completed and all they got was a 1.30 mins. edit), featuring Luca Iovieno on drums (who was the drummer for the prog metal band River Of Change). The band never makes it to find a permanent drummer, playing just a couple more gigs and then splits, because of different personal and musical views.


Welcome To The Lollypop City [2001]


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