Country USA

Style AOR


Frontman Gregg Fulkerson formed Blue Tears in 1983 when he was just 17 years old, with some childhood friends. The band started playing covers and doing small gigs around their hometown, Henderson, Tennessee, but quickly progressed to playing their original music with steady shows with audiences peaking at 1,000 people.

The band recorded several demo tapes in Fulkerson’s bedroom, and radio stations played them constantly. One of those tapes reached somehow a Los Angeles-based record company. They signed a recording contract with MCA Records soon after.

The debut album was released in June 1990 with tracks like “Innocent Kiss” receiving heavy promotion. However, after some time, the band was dismissed as just another glam metal act in that genres fading wave.

After that, due to some troubles with MCA, Blue Tears didn’t manage to release a second record, and their members got involved in other projects. Most notably, Fulkerson and Spears worked with Stryper frontman in his first official solo album released in 1994. Original drummer, Jay Price, now lives in South Carolina and has recorded with the likes of Dave Koz and Hootie and the Blowfish.

By 2002, Fulkerson and Spears were again involved in another project called Attraction 65. At that time, there was already some sort of cult following of Blue Tears. Some unreleased songs recorded previous to their album were being heavily downloaded through the Internet. Fulkerson decided to release a compilation of unreleased songs titled Mad, Bad and Dangerous and another called Dancin’ On the Backstreets. Both of these were released on Sun City Records.

However, in 2006, Blue Tears (only with Fulkerson, from the original band) resurfaced releasing an album titled The Innocent Ones on AOR Heaven. It was posted on country singer Jessica Miller’s Myspace page that lead singer Gregg Fulkerson had died on April 14, 2009 morning, aged 44. He was the only constant member in the band and the one who kept it together, and the band was put to rest…



– Blue Tears [1990]
– Mad, Bad & Dangerous [2005]
– Dancin’ On The Back Streets [2005]
– The Innocent Ones [2006]

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