Country Italy

Style Hard Rock

The band with the moniker BIGROUGH is a brainchild of Alex Cole, guitarist, composer and singer, who has a significant and long musical journey. He begins his experience as a young singer and then, under the spell of Blues and Rock’n’Roll, he finds for his other passion and he starts gripping with the guitar. After several months of disperate searching for the right partners in crime, in Mid-December 2010 Alex finally finds the right musicians to realize his project.

First he’s joined by the drummer Massimo Cavagnera, who’s not in his beginnings, as he started to play as an autodidact, he went on with some real studies, he’s played with many different cover bands, he‘s participated to several competitions and he’s recorded a few Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Metal and Punk oriented demos. The line up is complete after the bassist Paolo Vendetti joins it. He was having a break after many years of experience and success with some previous bands, but R’n’R is calling him strongly back. He’s exactly the bass player BIGROUGH needs and wants.The three guys immediately build a strong relationship and artistic feeling, due to the strength and to the energy of the power-trio as a whole.The band decides to produce two new songs, recorded with the help of Carlo Meroni A.D.S.R., Matteo „Sig.“ Santarelli and Marco Sivo, voice of Planethard, which are: „Bad Love“ and „Call Of The Wild“.

From January 2011 on, after four rehearsal sessions only, the band plans and gives a series of concerts in several Northern and central Italy in the mean clubs, including the Zoe Club in Milan and the Rock’n’Roll venues in Arezzo, Milan and Rho. Their performance consists in a two-hours show with many covers ranging from R’n’R, classic rock to blues. Given the success, they start to play live their new material too, which allows the audience to get the real personality and the style of this power-trio. The great feedback of the audience stimulates and encourages the band to get to work on new ideas. In April 2011, the unreleased track „Call of the Wild“ is included in the compilation of the monthly „Rock Hard“ (Italy) magazine, among many other important bands, such as Uriah Heep and, in the same month, the band starts an important collaboration with the promotion and booking agency „Eagle Live Booking“.

everal blogs and web radio moderators get in touch with the band for live interviews and allow to transmit the two singles in streaming.In May 2011, Bigrough are proudly guests of Red Ronnie, one of the most famous Italian moderators, in order to promote two big concerts and an important event they’re going to take part to: the „Open Fire Fest“ and „Lambro Life“, whose headliner is Pino Scotto. The band is actually ready to release the EP „Hang on Tight!“, which includes 5 new songs. From March “Hang On Tight!” is available on Itunes, AmazonMp3, Zune, Nokia, Spotify and MyspaceMusic. On March 25th 2012 the Bigrough have the opportunity of opening a concert for L.A. Guns by the historic foundator Tracii Guns.

On April 22th playing at “Italian Revenge Festival” with Dario Cappanera, White Skull and Bad Bones. On April 27th opening act for Maurizio Solieri e Band (Vasco Rossi guitar player). On May 12th playing with Kenny Rhino Earl ex Manowar Drummer in the album “Triumph of Steel”.

– Hang On Tight! [2011]


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