Country Norway

Style Glam/Hard Rock/Boogie Rock


The band was formed in 1984 by brothers Paul Kristensen on bass and Tom Kristensen on vocals. They were joined by guitarist Peter Baarli from the band Riff / Raff , and drummer Peter Hafstad.

Petter Hafstad would be the drummer, but never played in the band. He helped to plan and naming the band. 6 years later he opened Elm Street Rock Café in Oslo. A venue where Backstreet Girls had release party for Party on Elm Street -plate. Petter took the logo and the name of the album, and opened the popular rock cafe. As he drove up to New Year’s Eve 2011.

Petter Baarlis brother Bjørn Terje Baarli took over on drums. He, too, from the band Riff / Raff . Backstreet Girls rehearsed together for the first time in Borggata 10b at Tøyen in Oslo 15 september 1984. BSG tried for a while with two guitarists. Stein Ramberg played in the band at 84 and Jon Berg in 85 . But Petter Baarli happiest of playing alone. He says that he is too selfish and domineering to be a guitarist in the band. Stein Ramberg was later part of the tour where the live album Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out! The Backstreet Girls Live was recorded. He played rhythm guitar on the album.

In the studio they recorded five to six songs. Excerpts from two of these were used in the award winning film X . They also play in a scene in the movie. The two songs were Gypoand Poor Ol ‘Sam in the demo version, recorded with Tom Kristensen on vocals. The text of Gypo is completely different from the one that was released on Boogie Till You Puke -plate. In 1985, Tom Kristensen left the band. Anders Kronberg from Riff / Raff was briefly vocalist, before Arne Aarnes took over. Later that year, they began working on their first album.

In 1986 they released their debut album Mental Shakedown on the small independent label Medicine Records. The album was released in limited edition, but was released three years later on Polygram Records . Arne Aarnes left the band shortly after the album was recorded. He was replaced by Bjorn Muller singer of the band that was the precursor to what would later become T-Zers. A band that used the same rehearsal room as BSG.

Crew with Petter Baarli , Pål Kristensen , Bjørn Terje Baarli and Bjorn Muller held the next three albums, Boogie Till You Puke , Party on Elm Street and Coming Down Hard . In December 1990 the Backstreet Girls the first band that played in Oslo’s new concert hall Oslo Spektrum . Just before Christmas 1991 was Bjorn Muller kicked out of the band and replaced by Swedish Olle Hillborg from Glorius Bankrobbers. They released two albums with Olle HillborgLet’s Have It in 1991, the live album Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out! The Backstreet Girls Live in 1993 . Olle Borg Hill left the band shortly after.

Backstreet Girls forced to find a new singer. Four were tried, before they took a trip to England to hold auditions. Where did the Irish Pat Diamond , who knew all of AC / DC andFaces . Pat Diamond had a raw, delicious rock voice that was made ​​for Backstreets songs. They returned to Norway. Where they had quite a few gigs, and began work on his new album. They recorded the album Do not Fake It Too Long , which was completed in 1994 . The album was considered by many as the best rock album that was ever produced in Norway. After a concert there arose problems Pats residence, and he was thrown out of the country. He came back a few weeks later.


Now that Hare Krishna, or more like “Harry” Krishna, with his shaved head and crazy ideas. The band had always experienced Pat aggressive and unstable. Now he was “total nutcase”, and was again thrown out of the country. This time he was also kicked out of the band. Since then, no not seen or heard from him again. Unfortunately also happened the same with the album. Until 2008 when it was released on LP of Hit me records .

In 1998, bassist Paul Kristensen left the band after 14 years. He now has a daughter, and left the band in favor of family and work. Lug Tommy was a short period Vicar on bass.Before Morten Lunde from Sobious Dip the band’s new bassist. They released two albums and an EP with Lunde. Christmas EP Christmas Crusher in 1999, studio album Tuff Tuff Tuff in 2001 and Black Boogie Death Rock’n’Roll in 2002 , which featured both studio tracks and live tracks from the tour in Germany with Rose Tattoo . Lunde left the Backstreet Girls in 2002 , and began punk duo The Mormon with drummer Simen Jeistad.

Dan Thunderbird was recruited on bass. He proved to be a solid rock ‘n roll bassist who soon found themselves organized in BSG. They recorded the first album with Thunderbird in2003 . Sick My Duck , which was released on the Front Face Records. The band embarked on a tour in Norway with over 20 concerts called “Boogie My Life Away Tour”.

In 2006 joined drummer Bjørn Terje Baarli the band after 22 years. Backstreet Girls then had to look for a replacement. Several drummers were tested before they finally ended with Swedish Martin H-Son . Many fans were skeptical of the new drummer, and believed he could never replace Baarli. But as time went by, more and more convinced. Many believed now that Martin kept the same level and maybe was a better drummer a Baarli. As the years have passed, the H-Son played himself in as a full member of the Backstreet family. In2012 , after five years in the band, he keeps a higher level than ever before.

They released a studio album Shake Your Stimulator in 2007 . The album plays four different drummers: Martin H Son, Pelle Ramone, Bent Bastard and Diesel Dahl . In 2009 gave the BSG studio album Just When You Thought Things Could not Get Any Worse … Here’s the Backstreet Girls , now with both Dan Thunderbird and Martin H-Son as full members of the band.

On New Year’s Eve 2011 was the legendary Backstreet Girls crew (Bjorn Muller, Petter Baarli, Bjørn Terje Baarli and Pål Kristensen) together on stage again. They played at Elm Street Rock Cafes last opening day until the building was demolished. They played the entire Party on Elm Street album.

In 2011 Backstreet Girls started recording their 13th studio album. They’ve been in the studio, both in France and Norway. The album is expected released in spring 2013 . Guitarist Peter Baarli are also currently working on her solo album. Where current and former members of the BSG helps.



– Mental Shakedown [1986]
– Boogie Till You Puke [1988]
– Party on Elm Street [1989]
– Coming Down Hard [1990]
– Let’s Have It [1992]
– Hellway to High [1999]
– Tuff Tuff Tuff [2001]
– Black Boogie Death Rock’n Roll [2002]
– Sick My Duck [2003]
– Shake Your Stimulator [2007]
– Don’t Fake It too Long ’94 [2008]
– Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse……Here’s The [2009]

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