Country USA

Style Sleaze Glam
In 1989 Devin Lovelace (guitars) met up with Justin Sayne (guitars) in Salt lake City, Utah. Justins’ car had broken down and he ended up walking into a club Devins’ band Parris had been performing at. The band spoke with Justin and they hit it off, quickly there after Justin was jamming with Parris. Devin and Justin decided to put their talents together to form “The Next Big Thing” as Devin put it.

In order to do it, they decided to pack up and move to a bigger market city without going to the already over saturated Los Angeles. They decided to head to the bay areas’ Redwood City, just south of San Francisco. Thus re-locating the band as a “San Francisco” based act. On first arrival they started writing and jamming with a drummer “Scott”.

Shorty thereafter, Scott was let go after they recruited guitar player Bobby “BOA” Dias, who actually switched and wound up playing Bass for this new great act. They already had a name, it was to be “Alleycat Scratch” coined from a lyric used in one of Devins’ previous projects. They recruited drummer Mike Joyce, followed by front man Tommy Haight from Santa Cruiz and whoala.

The band’s sound was blues based, heavy rock guitar driven and roughly polished. It didn’t yet have personality as it was a growing band. They recorded the first demo including “Kiss Kiss”, “Take a Bite”, “Little Gypsy” and “Cotton Pony”. Playing a couple parties to all their friends at their own rehearsal studios in Menlo Park, California, the band wanted to play live but simply weren’t ready.

Mike was not dedicated enough to the vision of the music therefore he was released. They then recruited Robbi Black, whom they met one night at a club called The Stone in San Francisco. Robbi came in for an audition and with a driving, playing style and a heavier foot they were finally ready to play LIVE on stage.

The first gig came about from a pizza parlor in Santa Cruiz in front of 300 screaming surf rock lunatics. Needless to say the success catapulted the band to the big stage playing the Bay area’s premiere venues; The Omni in Oakland, The Stone in San Francisco and One Step Beyond in San Jose to name a few.

After sharing the stage with national acts such as Babylon A.D., Vain and Tuff (amongst others) singer Tommy decided to part ways to “further” his musical career. The band immediately decided it was time to take Los Angeles by storm! After a brief stint with vocalist Michael Michelle and a couple of opening slots with the likes of Hollywood legends, Swingin’ Thing, Glamour Punks, Brats and Pretty Boy Floyd , the band was convinced if they were to go any further they needed a more “outstanding” sound and “outrageous” look. They recruited Eddie Robison of then “Resurrection Mary” fame and parted ways with Michael.

A star was born. A much harder and darker look and sound combined with a punk rock attitude led them to their first headlining show. The Troubadour in Hollywood was the venue and this is when the lovable cats took the moniker of the “Hollywood Dead Boys”, creating a persona which would instill their legend.

Titled after the moniker, they finally recorded their first full record. Working with Mikey Davis of Kiss and Vinnie Vincent Invasion fame and financed by then manager Sheli Leigh, the record was a success. After playing many sold out shows at Hollywood’s premiere venues and selling thousands of copies of their debut record, a new sound was exploding- the Seattle sound known as grunge. The Sunset Strip was dying and European tours were being canceled, so the boys decided it was time to bow out gracefully.

Split the band while still on top of the Hollywood scene. It came mutual with a big hug and handshake in a meeting at the then “scratch pad” behind Rock n’ Roll Denny’s on Sunset Blvd. After consideration they decided to play one final show. It of course, would be at their “home” the world famous Troubadour where Motley Crue, Ratt and the Doors (amongst others) would also make their marks in Hollywood. In true form they sold the show out. The usual after party was not of its epic proportions, as the light had been burned out.


– Dead Boys In Trash City [1993]
– Encore [2008]
– Cheap City Thrills [2009]
– Last Call [2010]




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