Believer – The First [1985]

sgvdfgCountry USA


Rating 82/100

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Tracks 01. The First, 02. It’s Over, 03. Don’t look, 04. Would you like to meet somebody ?, 05. How can they see the light ?, 06. Matchmaker, 07. There will be peace, 08. Preying, 09. Not Guilty, 10. Turn it over

Profile Private release and extremely rare to be found nowdays in extremely very limited copies came out in 1985 from this Nederland, Texas based rock outfit. Quality abounds here from start to end offer us some really pleasant and catchy Christian AOR pieces, and sometimes a little bit pomp mixed in between, produced by Scott Harper and the band. If you like later Sweet Comfort, early Allies and Diller Anderson then this appeal to you.

believer 1985

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Believer - The First [1985], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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