Beast Of Prey – Dirty Details [1994]

Country Germany          Style Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members
Mike L. Jost – Vocals, Oli Schaufelberger – Drums, Rupert M. Klein – Bass, Tom Scheerer,Todde Heller – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Mat Sinner,Oliver Frommhagen,Ingo Teegen – Backing vocals

01. Bikers Song (3:25), 02. A Day At The Sea (0:09), 03. Sunset On A Dirty Road (3:41), 04. Gaze Into The Sky (3:20), 05. Psycho Love (3:27), 06. Crusader (3:24), 07. Railway Station (3:52), 08. Mendocino (3:29), 09. Chains (3:24), 10. Rocking Van (3:34), 11. I’m Crying (4:31), 12. What Do You Mean (3:45), 13. I’m On My Way (5:31)

Profile Hard rock band coming from Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg formed in 1984 and this is the second band’s album released in 1994 by On Air Records, feature Mat Sinner. There’re some really good tunes on it but definetely the last song “I’m on my Way” is the best moment of the record. The opening guitar riff is amazing before the strong chorus explode the song. The rockin’ “Sunset on a Dirty Road” with great riffs, the “Rockin’ Van” with a southern touch and the opening song are great addition in the album.

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