Bar7 – The World Is A Freak [2000]

BAR7_TWIAFCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Denis Bostok – Drums, Jeff Keith – Vocals, Ray Hinkley – Guitars, Steve Smith – Bass,Backing Vocals, Tommy Skeoch – Guitars

Tracks 01. Freaked (3:08), 02. 4 Leaf Clover (5:49), 03. Got A New Life (6:04), 04. No Show (3:59), 05. Love Is Such (3:46), 06. Cellophane (4:39), 07. Lady Bug (5:23), 08. She Don’t (4:16), 09. All Natural (3:51), 10. American Dream (4:38)

Profile I seemed to have overlooked this album years ago, but after tesla went on hiatus in about 1998, two of the members Tommy Scheoch and Jeff Keith went on to form Sofa King, which then changed their name to Bar 7 and released this album, their one and only. I have the Japanese version of the album which contains the bonus track “psycho insane”. It is very much in the vein of what Tesla was doing with Psychotic Supper and Bust a Nut. There are still the hard rocking guitar solos and riffs that you would expect, along with a bluesy style to the guitar. However there are a bit more of electronic overtones (drums/keyboards/noises) to the background of a few songs. Definately different than Soulmotor and other side projects from the other members of Tesla going on at the time. Having two of the members of Tesla and the extreme similarity to sound, this was a must to fill into the gap of my Tesla collection, and I think it others won’t be dissapointed if they fill their collection with it either.



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Bar7 - The World Is A Freak [2000], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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