Bangkok Babes – Trash ‘N’ Treasures [1995]

BANGKOK_BABES_TNTCountry Norway          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members
Darren H. Stone – Vocals, Lars Forseth – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Sonny Crow – Bass,Guitars,Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians
Audun Nordgaard – Drums, Knut Karlson – Bass

01. Chronical Tragedy (4:24), 02. Wasted Advice (4:24), 03. Take What U Want (3:53), 04. Bred In The Bone (3:51), 05. Locket ‘N’ Chain (4:39), 06. Is That You (4:51)

Profile Lars Forseth and Sonny Crow founded Bangkok Babes  in the summer of 1994. Inspired by acts like Aerosmith, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Faster Pussycat and Skid Row, they toured Norway for a while between 94 – 96 with a spectacular live show one could not help but notice. Shows were packed and even the legendary Ritchie Blackmore’ Rainbow invited the guys to support him on his visit to Norway in 1996.

The band here offered six excellent rock ‘n’ roll songs full of energy, performed and produced very well. A sleazy feeling with strong melodies and great guitar riffs, close to bands like Poison, Shameless and Faster Pussycat. The band got a record deal with Chavis Records (Quiet Riot,Kix..) in the US, and released Locket N’ Chains in 2003, where you can here those six songs plus four more.


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