Badhoven – Behind The Masquerade [2001]

BADHOVEN_BTMCountry Austria          Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members
Gerd Sojka – Drums,Vocals, Gerhard Paar – Keyboards,Vocals, Jacky Greilberger – Bass,Vocals, K.C. Greiberger – Lead Vocals,Guitars

01. All Or Nothing (3:21), 02. Rolling (3:26), 03. Wasted Time (5:02), 04. Girl Like You (4:19), 05. Money (5:15), 06. Behind The Masquerade (5:39), 07. I Am (3:43), 08. Dying For That Miracle (4:35), 09. Movie Of My Life (3:38), 10. Rockin’ Old Radio (2:26), 11. Spirit Of The Lake (4:09), 12. Let Yourself Be Beautiful (3:59)

Profile  In 1991 the brothers Kurt C. and JACKY GREILBERGER founded the Band FIND OUT in Graz / Austria. One year later GERHARD PAAR became part of the band. It was in May 1995 when the band was renamed into BLACK ROSE. Then in September the band was joined by the drummer GERD SOJKA. In the year 1996 BLACK ROSE recorded their first album called “RAINBOW IN YOUR EYES”. It showed the music-scene that good Melodic-Rock could also be made in Austria and became a release in Japan in 1997 ! It was one year later when the next album came out. It was named “TIME DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL”. It was more influenced by bluesy harmonies than the first album and showed that the band made a step forward again. With this album the first reviews came out from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Austria. And they were really great.

Meanwhile there were worldwide seven bands that had the same band name. So BLACK ROSE decided to change its name into BADHOVEN in July 2001. It was in that time when the band was in the studio to record the third album. Also the style changed from Melodic Rock into Melodic Hardrock. It was October, 19th when the band brought out their brand-new album “BEHIND THE MASQUERADE”. All over Europe the magazines wrote great reviews. There was also one excellent coming out from AOR CENTRAL in L.A. The reviews were followed by radio interviews. BADOVEN is played now on some private radio stations in Austria, Germany and Nothern Italy. In 2002 there was also coming out a CD-Rock-Sampler including the strong song “Wasted Time”. Concerts in Austria and Italy were followed by great reviews showing that BADHOVEN is an excellent live-act, too.


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