Babe Blu – Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll [1987]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members Michael Whalen – Lead guitar and Lead vocals, Doug James – Bass and lead vocals, Carl Brown – Keyboards, J. T. Williams – Drums

Tracks 01. Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:17), 02. Do What I Want (3:59), 03. Do You Remember (4:04), 04. Just One Night (3:58), 05. Good For You (3:45)

Profile BABE BLU was one of the better obscure rock bands from Atlanta during the mid-80s. They released a 5-track mini-LP titled “Can’t Stop Rock-n-Roll” that contained some great Melodic Rock. Notable is the fact that the band had two lead vocalists that both could sing well. The band had member changes along the way, and ultimately found its demise through the unfortunate timing of the grunge avalanche that reared its head in the late 80s and early 90s.

If we succumb to the natural need to compare obscurity with things known, we’ll take that best shot. While Babe Blu certainly holds it own with regard to melody and playability from the era, most tracks can certainly be compared to more mainstream bands from the same slice of time. “Can’t Stop Rock-n-Roll” – the title track, is a nice AOR/Melodic Rocker that sounds like a cross between AUTOGRAPH and STARSHIP.

“Do What I Want” is an melodic hard rocker and what makes this entire collection so interesting ALL of the songs are pure AOR and relevant to fans of pure classic hair rock. “Do You Remember”, is a classy AOR ballad with a pure 80s keyboard sounds, somewhere along the lines of the FOREIGNER, LOVERBOY and GIUFFRIA ballads. Also, the chorus makes this song a winner for the fans of classic AOR ballads. “Just One Night” is a pretty typical 80s uptempo rocker like 8084, WHITE SISTER and GIUFFRIA. And, “Good For You” is simply impressive.

This song is a classic AOR ballad like STARSHIP at their best. Great keyboard arrangement and thoughtful placement of nearly every part of this song. No reason this one should not have propelled Babe Blu from obscurity to over-the-top status.

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Babe Blu - Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll [1987], 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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