Artisan – Through Till Dawn [1989]

Country United Kingdom

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Anthony Thresh – Drums, Jon Michael Lawson – Vocals,keyboards, Neil Brocklebank – Guitar,backing vocals, Paul Toohie – Bass

Tracks 01. Reach Out, 02. Take My Hand, 03. Rock n’ Roll, 04. Devil Woman

Profile Artisan was a straight ahead rock band from Hull. The group was formed in 1985 by ex-Storm vocalist Jon Michael Lawson together with guitarist Neil Brocklebank, bassist Paul Toohie and drummer Patrick Tew. Two demos were recorded prior to the EP release which featured a cover of Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman”. Artisan split in 1990 with Lawson and Thresh forming Mickey Finn.

After a while, Brocklebank resurrected the name with a revamped Artisan consisting of ex-Hollywood Girls vocalist Paul Batey, guitarist Paul Fantinni, bassist Ben Canty and drummer Dave Meginsson. Further changes occurred when bassist Chris Hill and vocalist Graham Houghton were brought in to record the 1993 single. Artisan split finally in 1994 with Brocklebank teaming up with Big Guns releasing the album “On Dangerous Ground”.

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