Aqua Maria – City [1993]

hfhyfhgCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. Here It Comin’, 02. Looking So Deadly, 03. Born To Fly, 04. Intro To Bum, 05. Bum Run, 06. Sunshine, 07. City, 08. I Feel It, 09. Look Inside, 10. Password, 11. #96, 12. Streamline, 13. Down The Highway

Profile This three person band hails from Buffalo, New York and they play some catchy Hard Rock in the vein of Full Throttle and Chyna. There’re some really good tunes like “Sunshine” a powerful Hard Rock anthem, as is the title track, “City.” These guys can certainly jam. This is a very rare indie that is not known by collectors.


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