Anjos Da Noite – Anjos Da Noite [1997]

Country Brazil          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Atila Ardanuy – Guitar, Marco Sérgio – Vocals, Marcus Ardanuy – Bass, Arnaldo Roggano – Drums

Tracks 01. Fora da Lei, 02. Sangue nas Mãos, 03. Quando as Luzes se Apagam, 04. Todo Azul do Mar, 05. Seu Nome, 06. Sai do Caminho, 07. Estar Sozinho, 08. Alice, 09. Viajante, 10. Tempos Modernos, 11. Os Dias Não São Iguais, 12. Menina de Rua

Profile Hard rock band from Sao Paolo formed by brothers Edward and Attila Ardanuy and later Ardanuy Marcus, who took down. The singer was Marco Sergio, who also excelled by accompany his father as a musician guitarist Sérgio Reis. The style is close to Coda and Bon Jovi (New Jersey album) with good singing by Sergio. With musicians still young at the time when the first album in 1989 was released, the band just back recording in 1997 with a new lineup as some of the other musicians trod different paths (as Eduardo Ardanuy that formed Dr. Sin ). What we have in this play is something quite varied, but overall, jumps from the speakers very melodic hard rock, with a very firm grip by the brothers and a vocal Ardanuy sometimes torn to Sometimes soft Sergio Marco. Good taste in letters, excellent recording quality, well-designed arrangements fleeing clichés characteristic style.

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One Response to “Anjos Da Noite – Anjos Da Noite [1997]”

  1. DEEMON says:

    PS: The music of this video is a cover of a famous pop singer from Brazil (Lulu Santos)

    This is a fantastic Brazilian hard rock band and is very difficult to find their albums to buy!!

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