Angel of Mercy: Marc Anthony – The Shadow Side [2009]

Country USA          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members
Marc Anthony – Lead vocals,background vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, guitars

Additional Musicians
Eric Aittala – Acoustic and electric guitars,bass, Linda Padilla – Vocals, Roy Cathey – Lead,backing vocals, Joshua Pantke – Bass

01. Ecstasy (04:49), 02. Angel Heart (04:00), 03. It Hurts to Let You Go (04:01), 04. The Shadow Side (04:32), 05. Too Far Away (05:35), 06. Picture (Crimson Night) (05:14), 07. Sacrifice (04:12), 08. All of Me (03:21), 09. Denial (04:48), 10. Angel Heart acoustic (03:24)

Profile “The Shadow side/Angel of mercy” is the personal project of glam metaler Mark Anthony independently released in 2009. Marc’s main instrument are evidently the drums but on this project he contributes most of the lead vocals while also handling keyboards and production.

It is evident from the front cover alone that Anthony is a glamster with totally 80s drumming and a vocal performance that matches perfectly that of Paul Stanley; what is perhaps surprising is that Anthony places intense emphasis on all kinds of melodic lines, for that matter there are at least three songs on the album that open on extensive lead guitar melodies. The guitars come courtesy of Eric Aittala who is a very competent lead guitarist. In addition Marc recruits the talents of lead singer Roy Cathley on two songs where a cleaner and higher vocal approach is required.

This album is really amongst the best purchases for any fan of glam metal and melodic hard rock as it comes up with potential classics: “Angel Heart” holds the very essence of melody and chorus that absolutely every fan of the melodic sound should hear. `The Shadow side’, `Too far away’ and `Sacrifice’ continue in the same fashion and are equally tremendous melodic tracks.

I can’t even come close to describing how satisfied I am with `The shadow side-Angel of mercy’. Although I had spotted the CD version of the album at a store, I very much hesitated to buy it simply because there was no evidence of a record label backing it. Finally I took the risk and was rewarded beyond any expectations. If you enjoy hard rock and glam metal with tons of MELODY you need to get Marc Anthony’s “The shadow side- Angel of Mercy”.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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