Andromedha – Konser Rock [1992]

Country Indonesia         

Style Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members Pungky Deaz – Vocals, Lucky – Lead Guitar, Hendrik Sanada – Bass Guitar, Denny Ireng – Keyboard, Yoyok – Drum

Tracks 01. Konser Rock, 02. Suara Kami, 03. Ilusi Cinta, 04. Goyang Rock Roll, 05. Bait-Bait Usank, 06. Hai Kau Gadis, 07. Setan Jalanan, 08. Bencana, 09. Cermin Kehidupan, 10. Gapai Cita, 11. Doa Yang Terlupa, 12. Lamunan, 13. Liar

Profile Andromedha is one of the sectarian group rock band from Surabaya, was triumphant in the state. Started in some showground raihan performance festival in Indonesia namely at Rock Festival events to Se-Indonesia-V in 1989 and the VII in 1993, the group bingar band noise is then menapakan success.

Mutually personnel seem to have become kebiasan for hard rock band from Surabaya. The only personnel who are loyal to control Andromedha Yoyok, the dummer that until finally he come up with Piyu PADI. In the first formation, a number of other personnel is Heru (Vocals), Lucky (Guitar) and Yani and Juki, in 1989 released the single ‘performance.

Enter the year 1990, there were changes in personnel, the Pungky Deaz (Vocals), Hendrix Sanada (bass) and James (keyboard) to replace the position of Heru, Yani and Juki. In this formation mengahasilkan legendary single ‘daydreaming’ most recognizable and perhaps was able to rule over the radio charts in Malaysia which are adjacent to the ‘Isabella’ his SEARCH.

In sessions recording debut album ‘Rock Concert’ in 1991, the position is replaced by Deny Ireng James. In 1992 to 1993 the position occupied by Ipunx guitar from Power Metal. While Lucky himself in Power Metal, so that kind of personnel exchange between Andromedha guitar and Power Metal. Concert Album Rock Records released Harp production in 1991 is what is the only full album Andromedha.

Rock Concert album which was released in 1991 this is one proof that the music noise bingar also nice to enjoy the ear, simaklah song Rock Concert, Goyang Rock ‘N’ Roll Usank Temple or Temple.

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Andromedha - Konser Rock [1992], 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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