Airtime – Liberty Manifesto [2007]

61y9iIT5KNLCountry Canada

Style Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members Rik Emmett – Guitars,Vocals,Bass,Synthesizers, Michael Shotton – Percussion,Drums,Backing Vocals,Noise, Don Breithaupt,Steve Skingley – Keyboards, Dave Dunlop – Guitar, Steve Skingley – Bass

Tracks 01. Edge Of Your Mind, 02. Midnight Black & Blue, 03. Liberty, 04. Headstream, 05. River Runs Deep, 06. Find Your Way, 07. Addicted, 08. Code 9, 09. Rise, 10. Moving Day, 11. Transmutation, 12. Cryin’ Shame

Profile In 2003, Rik Emmett met Michael Shotton backstage at an orchestra rehearsal for a show at the Grand Theatre in London Ontario, where the two vocalists were performing separately, fronting the symphonic arrangements of a mutual friend, Peter Brennan. They knew of each other from their respective background stints in Triumph and Von Groove.

The material is unapologetically classic rock: it owes as much to Led Zep and Rush as it does to STP or G & R, or more melodic, vocal bands like Journey or Queen, but it definitely has its own original and unique character. The lead vocals and the harmonies are unmistakable, with some songs featuring layering of up to 60 odd vocal tracks, as Shotton takes full advantage of digital technology.

The concepts behind “Liberty Manifesto” revealed themselves gradually through the long process of making the record. The labour of love is rewarding, life-affirming and liberating. This kind of effort comes at a price, with sacrifice. It will be for others to judge the market values of their Manifesto, but for Emmett and Shotton, this project called Airtime has been a defining and deeply satisfying experience that they take a fierce pride in.


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