A.R.E.N.A. – Grito Final [2006]

Country Argentina          Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Rating 81/100

Band Members
Chrio – Vocals, Falas – Drums, Moly – Bass, Roda – Guitars, Teb – Guitars

01. Grito Final (4:17), 02. Santo Y Pecador (4:32), 03. Hoy (5:29), 04. Cuando Un Angel Suspira (6:13), 05. Pasion Arabe (6:39), 06. Cielo Perdido (3:42), 07. Mas Alla (5:34), 08. Mil Palabras (5:07), 09. Instinto Animal (6:36), 10. Por Siempre Vivo (4:39), 11. Camino Hacia El Sol (4:46)


Arena is band native of General Pacheco, Provence of Buenos Aires (Argentina), who formed in 2003.  In two years and a half the band released two demos containing 4 tracks each and performed live shows in places like Cemento, Crimson, Acatraz and Cromanon among the others. The band also supported Richie Kotzen (ex Poison and Mr. Big guitarist) in the Gran Rivadavia Theatre.

The band first demo was recorded in 2003 and was titled El Grito de la Bestia and included tracks like: Santo y Pecador, which became the strong point of the band, Cuando Un Angel Suspira, a ballad, Pasion Arabe (Fuego Eterno) ,a track filled with personality and, finally, Grito Final, that is the song that usually closes their shows. Their second demo came out one year later and showed us a more grown up and well-established band with respect to their first work. The demo featured a new track like “Hoy” and new versions of Santo y Pecador, Pasion Arabe (Fuego Eterno) and Cuando Un Angel Suspira. 

Their music influences are really different, for example in the song “Pasion Arabe” we can find 100% rock melodies but with a hint of arabic sound. In the Audio section of the band’s Official Website it’s possible to listen to samples of the cd they released. The band also recorded a videoclip for their song Hoy which has been broadcasted on Much Music, MTV and Music Country.

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