40 Ft Ringo – Funny Thing [2003]

40 Ft Ringo - Funny ThingCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Brian Gabriel – Drums, Maz – Guitars, PJ Farley – Bass,Backing Vocals, Steve Brown – Vocals,Guitar

Tracks 01. Anyway (2:41), 02. Wired (3:31), 03. Inside Your Head (2:37), 04. Big Fat Smile (3:25), 05. Origami Mommy (4:26), 06. Book Of Virtues (3:52), 07. Be My Fix (3:23), 08. A Freak Like You (3:00), 09. Unbroken (3:14), 10. Miss You Blue (4:00), 11. Fanatic (3:15), 12. Anti-Zero (3:25), 13. Tough (3:07)

Profile 40FT. RINGO is New jersey based band that features Steve Brown and PJ Farley of the million selling MCA rock band Trixter. Together for over four years along with guitarist Maz, and drummer Brian Gabriel, the band is becoming a worldwide success with their amazing atomic pop sound. 40FT. RINGO “Funny Thiing” has been played by over 200 radio stations worldwide and in the United States it has been played on over 75 major radio stations.

“Inside Your Head” uses a simple yet effective chord pattern, highlighted by a melodic chorus. “Anyway” is just as effective, as 40 Ft. Ringo echo most men when they sing about; despite the abuse, we are all crazy in love. “Big Fat Smile” is led by an infectious guitar lead and drumbeat, and describes someone who is a bad ass, or at least thinks they are. There are arena rock riffs aplenty on “Origami Mommy”. For such a happy sounding tune, it sure has a dark message about destroyed feelings. A Freak Like You” has a Green Day-like feel to it with its three chord progression and catchy little riffs. The tempo slows down a bit “I Miss You Blue”. Soothing and touching vocals are backed by serine acoustic guitars. As with most of the songs on this CD, “Anti-Zero” has a very radio-friendly appeal to it. An obsessed stalker is the main focal point of the bluesy track “Fanatic”. The song is meant to be all in fun and is about a celebrity stalker, not a scary ex-boyfriend/girlfriend kind.

The album recently re-released with five bonus tracks. 40FT. RINGO’s is a great modern melodic rock band with instantly recognizable guitar riffs, well-written sometimes playful lyrics, and melodic vocals that worth a place to any collection.


George Dionne

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