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Aqua Maria – City [1993]


Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. Here It Comin’, 02. Looking So Deadly, 03. Born To Fly, 04. Intro To Bum, 05. Bum Run, 06. Sunshine, 07. City, 08. I Feel It, 09. Look Inside, 10. Password, 11. #96, 12. Streamline, 13. Down The Highway

Profile This three person band hails from Buffalo, New York and they play some catchy Hard Rock in the vein of Full Throttle and Chyna. There’re some really good tunes like “Sunshine” a powerful Hard Rock anthem, as is the title track, “City.” These guys can certainly jam. This is a very rare indie that is not known by collectors.


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YLD – Fool’s Paradise [1989]

YLD_FPCountry USA          Style Sleaze Glam

Rating 77/100

Band Members James Bengson – Guitar,Backing Vocals, Jimmy Lee Boggs – Bass,Keyboards,Backing Vocals, Kevin Mier Mellenbruch – Lead Vocals, Tim King – Drums

Tracks 01. Wild Girls (3:05), 02. Good Times, Bad Times (3:31), 03. I Need (3:30), 04. Simple But True (5:36), 05. The Distance (3:33), 06. Music Music (4:23), 07. So Cute (3:45), 08. Wounded In Action (3:36), 09. Writing In The Sand (4:18), 10. Let It Go (3:44)

Profile This is something for the Hair Metal / Sleaze ‘n Glam / Melodic Hardrock fans out there. Released in 1989 “Window Shopping In Fools Paradise” (original title) from YLD is exactly what this genre stands for: smoking hot guitars with squealing solos and big riffs, straight ass kicking songs, a cool singer who reminds of Ron Keel meets Tom Keifer from Cinderella and a powerful production.

Songs like “Wild Girls” (like a mix of XYZ and Cinderella), the incredible “I Need” that reminds of Keel meets Helix, the catchy “Simple But True”, that comes along with some AOR keys and sounds like Wild Horses song or the powerful “The Distance” with a huge chorus, big Dokken-like riffs and a great blistering guitar solo that really kicks ass, are absolute highlights and will satisfy fans of the above mentioned bands and genres.


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Random Robbery – Random Robbery [2008]


Country Canada          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members
Barbi Baumann - Vocals, Darren Smith, Agah Bahari – Guitars, Rob Laidlaw – Bass

Tracks 01. 5:09 (2:59), 02. Carry On (3:00), 03. Bleed (3:33), 04. Hollywood Ending (3:26), 05. Alive (3:22), 06. Fame Fortune (2:50), 07. Wild Horse (3:45), 08. Superhero (3:06), 09. Get it on (3:02), 10. Real You (3:22), 11. Won’t Back Down (3:51), 12. Triumph (3:37)

Profile Hyper rare female fronted AOR/Melodic Rock indie release in 2008 and produced by Rob Laidlaw and Murray Daigle of Emerald Rain. Band members, not guests, on this project include Rob Laidlaw of Honeymoon Suite/New Regime and Darren Smith of Harem Scarem, while two of the tracks were written by Mike Reno of Loverboy. Barbi Baumann is a killer vocalist making this one a must for all fans of the genre with some really killer tracks that worth your attention. As for Agah Bahari is a Persian-Canadian entrepreneur, and artist, born and raised in Iran while he is a co-founded and performed with Iran’s first official heavy metal band in 2002, and have collaborated with both Iranian and international music legends, including Virgil Donati, Billy Sheehan, Ric Fierabracci, Rufus Philpot, Michael Bernier, Mari Kimura, Pouya Mahmoodi and Derek Sherinian since.


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Inside Out – Inside Out [1997]

INSIDEOUT_IOUKCountry United Kingdom          Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members Matt Stevenson – Vocals, Robb Wylde – Drums,backing vocals, Pete Lauda – Guitars,keyboards,backing vocals,lead vocals #4,  Scott Christian Debio – Bass,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Somewhere In My Heart, 02. Feels Like Love, 03. You Or Me, 04. No Way Out, 05. Tears, 06. Long Way Home

Profile Bolton based hard rock outfit released this mini album back in 1997 via Captain No Nads Records in limited copies formed by Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Rob Wylde when he was seventeen. They showcased for a couple of labels who were really interested in signing them but told them that they had to change theirsinger. So they fired the original singer and added Tony Marshall which was totally the wrong decision (cause of his behavior) as the band split six months later. In any case the quality of the songs worth your attention and grab this album if you find it and like bands in the vein of Atomic Up and Tokyo Rose.


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Ginger – So Be It [1991]

image2fr156793512338570Country Belgium          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 81/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. May I Introduce Myself ?, 02. Way Of Live, 03. Inside The Wall, 04. Inhuman Condition, 05. Victims Of Fate, 06. Coming Home, 07. Diving, 08. Prophecy, 09. Heaven, 10. Wind Of Change, 11. Lost In Your Dreams, 12. Should You Cry, 13. Ginger

Profile Mons based melodic rock outfit released this album back in 1991 via TMS Records, contain 13-tracks with different music styles like the bluesy “Coming Home”, the funky “Wind of Change” or even some poppy tunes all blend with a melodic rock sound having strong production, very good ideas with bombastic keys and harmony backing vocals. Very hard to be found nowdays and it’s a good addition to a collection…


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