Jone Addic – Jone Addic [1992]

ceb61f8e24e2Country Finland

Style Hard Rock/AOR

Rating 82/100

Band Members Jone Addic – Lead/backing vocals,bass,keyboards,guitars,mandolin,drums,percussion, Annica – Vocals, Harry Bent,Kim Lonnholm – Backing vocals, Alex Aitokari – Harmonica, Ben Granfelt,Tatu Mannberg – Guitars

Tracks 01. Will You Go Lassie Go (3:54), 02. Rock’n’Roll Band (3:40), 03. Steady As A Rock (3:36), 04. This Ain’t America (3:44), 05. Angel’s Touch (4:38), 06. What Shall I Do (3:22), 07. Another Time (3:44), 08. The Light Of Love (3:57), 09. The Best Of Times (3:04), 10. The Price Of Loving You (4:35), 11. The Circles Of Fame (3:59), 12. Worlds Apart (4:48), 13. Teenage Warriors (3:24), 14. What Love Has Done To Me (2:53)

Profile Jone attic is a Finnish multi-instrumentalist musician who influenced bass player of the 1983 Rock SM Championships silver-winning Chapter One ensemble. He played with Johnny Lee Michaels and the Androids while in 1992 he participated in Eurovision with the song “Behind the Sun” while in the same year he released through Taurus Music his solo album features Annica on one track, Broadcast’s Kim Lönnholm also on one track and Gringos Locos’ & Guitar Slingers’ axeman Ben Granfelt on four tracks.

The songs on this record are a rather tasty lighter more AORish mixture of Stage Dolls, Powerplay and Bon Jovi. The vocals of Jone Addic are very much like Stage Dolls but he is capable of pulling off a nice Jon Bon Jovi-impersonation too… After this album Addic join Jone’s Bros released three full-length albums.



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Branda – Branda [1990]

nkvhgCountry Mexico

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Juan Shein, Paulo, Tavo Limongi, Lalo Jimenez, Carlos Borunda

Tracks 01. Lucha por tus Sueños, 02. No Estoy Seguro de Poderte Recordar, 03. Sombras, 04. Culitos Fiesteros

Profile Great outfit from Mexico formed in the late 80s and active till mid 90s with many live gigs and fans all over the country, while they supported great bands from Scorpions and LA Guns till Iron Maiden in their famous “Fear of the Dark” tour. Great musicianship, strong songwriting and lots of catchy tunes that you will definetely love.

Hard rock at it’s best blend with some metal vibes, many harmony backing vocals, strong guitar riffs and inspired keys in parts, compose this 4-tracks demo tape released in very limited copies in band’s tour. The band wrote many songs, hopefully to see the light of the day soon.

Branda banda Mexicana

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Abu Zimbel – Beyond the Sun [1986]


Style AOR

Rating 86/100

Band Members Magnus Bang – Guitars, Jonas Franke-Blom – Vocals,keyboards, Mats Annemalm – Bass, Niclas Bronner – Keyboards, Magnus Fritz – Drums,percussion

Tracks 01. Beyond the Sun (3:41), 02. Survive (4:14)

Profile Abu Zimbel was formed in 1984 by five young music students in Norrköping, Sweden. At the time they were 15 years of age. Very soon they went into the studio and recorded some demos and in 1986 they released a self produced, self financed vinyl single. It featured the songs “Beyond the Sun” and “Survive”. The band did not have a distrubution company, so they simply went out to the local record stores and asked the owners if they please would like to have the Abu Zimbel records for sale in their store. They agreed and as it turned out enough records were sold to pay for the enterprise. A bit rare to be found nowdays but worth the search.


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Danny Daniels – Hearts on Fire [1989]

danny daniels coverCountry USA

Style CCM Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 81/100

Band Members Danny Daniels – Lead/backing vocals,guitars, Rose Banks,Eddie Espinosa,Howard McGray,Mark Oblinger,Alfie Silas – Backing vocals, Hadley Hockensmith,Glen Holmen – Bass, Dennis Holt – Drums, Jeffrey Lams – Keyboards, Alex McDougall – Percussion,Smitty Price – Organ, Randy Rigby – Guitars,keyboards,vocals, Marty Walsh – Guitars

Tracks 01. All My Days, 02. Carry On, 03. Lord We Praise You, 04. Dreams of Love, 05. Hearts on Fire, 06. Mighty Savior, 07. Faithfulness, 08. To Be with You, 09. All Seasons, 10.Stay with Me

Profile Out of print album by Vineyard worship leader Danny Daniels, formerly with the Calvary Chapel country/rock band, Bethlehem. “Hearts on Fire” is his second solo album came out in 1989 through Blue Stone Records, seven years after his debut album. An excellent album with strong songwriting, amazing vocals and heartfelt songs in the vein of Richard Marx and Bryan Adam. The re-release of the album in 1991 is also out of print.

danny daniels photo

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Lisa Hartt Band – Starwatcher [1976]

R-5004660-1381894247-3525.jpegCountry Canada

Style Melodic Rock/Progressive Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Lisa Hartt – Lead Vocals,Acoustic Guitar, Denny Gerrard – Bass,Vocals, Martin Cordrey – Drums,Vocals, Ray Blake – Guitar,Vocals, Richard Yuen – Keyboards, Vocals

Tracks 01. Old Time Movie, 02. Dream Me Away, 03. Starwatcher, 04. Dance Of Death, 05. Sweet Serenade, 06. Easy Come, Easy Go, 07. Time And Time Again, 08. Didn’t You Know, 09. All Over The World

Profile Initially a backing vocalist with Gino Vannelli’s touring band,  Montreal’s Lisa Hartt founded her own band The Lisa Hartt Band in 1973, which initially featured Will Cardinal on bass (Satan & The D-Men, Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks, The Bells), guitarist Rayburn Blake (Riverson, Mashmakhan), keyboardist Richard Yuen (Tranquillity Base) and drummer Marty Cordrey (Bearfoot, Small Wonder).   They released several singles between 1973-1975 before Cardinal was replaced by new bassist Denny Gerrard (Paupers, Lighthouse, McKenna Mendelson Mainline, Jericho).

In 1976 they recorded their one and only album which produced by Phil Ramone and Ralph Murphy, but unfortunately with poor distribution from their tiny local label the band split-up later of the same year and Lisa Hartt moving on as session vocalist for Ken Tobias and Cliff Jones.

Musically the album can be described as a accomplished of original pop rock and prog-friendly compositions, beautiful vocals and top-notch musicianship from a band with a strong pedigree.   The all-instrumental standout “Time and Time Again” is a solid progressive gem that hints at the band’s Riverson-Paupers heritage.

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