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White Wheat – Heartland [1987]

cvbvxcbbCountry USA          Style AOR

Rating 81/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. Heartland (3:34), 02. Minutes (3:30)

Profile Rare obscurity with only one single private release, back in 1987 in very limited copies. Two radio friendly songs with a new wave touch having an amazing vocalist  and good songwriting.


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Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Wild Roses – Tomorrow Promises [1992]

coverCountry Italy          Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Oscar Cordioli – Vocals, Max Scantamburlo – Guitar, Marco Zanfei – Keyboards, Alex Pedrotti – Bass, Vittorio Zandonati – Drums

Tracks 01. Just call My Name (3:50), 02. Higher Freelin’ (3:05), 03. True Love (4:41), 04. Tomorrow Promises (4:34)

Profile Hard rock outfit from Rovereto formed in the middle 80s active till 1996. In that period they only released this 4-tracks ep, contain songs with strong songwriting and good arrangement. Except this ep one unreleased song of the band apperead in 1995 in a rare local cd compilation. In June 2006 the band reunited to play in the 80′s Italian Metal Attack with new vocalist Fabrizio Pieraccini and they’re active till today playing in many live gigs….


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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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Horizon – Mystery Ride [1992]

FDGDBDCountry Sweden          Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Joacim Hellström – Vocals,guitars , Christer Johansson – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Into The Night, 02. Children Of Tommorrow, 03. Heartbreaker , 04. Cadillac


Profile Short-lived hard rock outfit from Gothenburg formed in 1991 and one of the many bands coming from Sweden that need to be discovered. You will not get excited with this one but for sure is a rarity in limited copies, with some good guitar parts and strong songwriting while their last track “Cadillac” is a cover of Vince Taylor and his Playboys.



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Avatar – Runnin’ The Red Light [1986]

cxvvb xv

Country USA          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 65/100

Band Members Kyle Reynolds – Bass,Vocals, Tony Voger – Lead Guitar, Jim Kilcoin – Vocals, Kory Myers – Keyboards,Vocals, Scott Stulir – Percussion,Vocals

Tracks 01. Runnin’ The Red Light, 02. U Of C, 03. Quit Lookin’ At Me, 04. Who Would Wanna Be You, 05. But For Now, 06. Sunset Mystery, 07. She Loves Me – She Loves Me Not, 08. She’s A Part Of Me, 09. So What!?, 10. Mind Games

Profile Illinois private melodic rock/AOR outfit release this album in limited copies. The band had the potential to gain something better but unfortunately the luck of memorable tunes send them to obscurity. The key parts are the best moments on this record while the song “But for Now” is their best effort with a very friendly sound and that can be found a place in a collection of rarities. Very rare for die hard collectors….


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Blaze – Killer Lover [1984]


Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Wendy T. Engler – Lead Vocals, Nick Baca – Guitars,Vocals, Matt Batchelor – Drums,Vocals, Mike Case – Keyboards,Vocals, Ralph Benicke – Bass,Vocals

Tracks 01. Boys will be Boys, 02. It was Only for Fun, 03. Killer Lover, 04. Modern with Me, 05. Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Profile Rare and obscure private 80s Hard Rock/AOR (called them selves Heavy New Wave) release with female lead from 1984 out of Minnesota, private on Heapnote Records. They formed in 1981 by Wendy T. Engler on lead Vocals, Nick Baca on guitars, and Matt Batchelor on drums. In 1984 they put out the “Killer Lover” E.P. with Mike Case on keyboards, and bassist Ralph Benicke, and they traveled all over the midwest with their Hard New Wave sound while their song “Man with the X-Ray Eyes” based on the 1963 movie of the same name.


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