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Flame – Flame [1992]


Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Billy Harvey – Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals, Denis Bostok – Drums, Phil Sullivan – Lead Vocals,Guitar, Steve Smith – Bass,Backing Vocals

Tracks 01. Razor Blade Road (Prelude) (0:46), 02. Rain (4:35), 03. Electraglide (4:14), 04. Wild One (4:52), 05. Don’t Look Down (4:38), 06. Wonderland (6:00), 07. Shelter You (5:04), 08. If You Had A Heart (4:29), 09. Never Say Die (3:55), 10. Ball And Chain (5:15), 11. Blood For Blood (4:02), 12. Desperate Heart (5:14), 13. Automatic (3:42), 14. Razor Blade Road (Reprise) (2:44)

Profile FLAME from US recorded two nice albums between the late ’80s / early ’90s. Their first disc appeared via a small label, a hard rocking effort with some hair metal on it. By 1990, Flame was signed by a major label and they contributed a song for Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead OST, while the band’s second album was being recorded with producer Bill Wray, a movie soundtrack specialist. 

Entitled as the band’s name, “Flame” is much more melodic and accessible than the previous record.With a sound & style typical of the 1990-92 years Damn Yankees, Tesla and a bit of Night Ranger, at places Flame infuse some songs with a bluesy vibe akin Great White or Tangier. My favorite cuts are the ones with the more melodic hard rock oriented melodies and choruses, such as the very good “Don’t Look Down”, the punchy “Ball and Chain”, the pumping “If You Had A Heart” or the midtempo ballad “Desperate Heart”.

A nice, very melodious US Melodic Hard Rock album, “Flame” delivers a quite ‘easy to the ears‘ sound that, despite at places pretty hard rocking, it’s always pleasant with friendly verses and choruses.

Flame - Flame 1992 - back

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Isom – Hearts On Fire [1987]


Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members Eddie Driscol – Drums, Joseph Chiehi aka Sykes – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Mark Isom – Lead Vocals, Randy Isom – Bass,Backing Vocals, Rick Bottari – Keyboards

Additional Musicians Bob Hatton,Rick Cernaglia – Guitars, Zaul Zonnana – Bass, Anthony Lamontara – Drums

Tracks 01. Your Eyes (4:08), 02. Heart Break (3:57), 03. The Last Goodbye (5:00), 04. Ready To Rumble (3:32), 05. Hearts On Fire (3:48), 06. Love Affair (4:10), 07. Summer Time (4:19), 08. Stay (4:13), 09. Late At Night (3:53), 10. Danger Zone (2:51), 11. Hold Back (3:51)

Profile Formerly known as “Valentino” ISOM recorded there amazing songs back in 1987 and toured relentlessly up and down the East Coast. Criminally overlooked by the major record companies, unfortunately the band was short-lived and lead vocalist Mark Isom would go on to collaborate with ex-Malice members for the fantastic monster album entiled “Through the Eyes of the World”. Wjat we have here is pure melodic bliss. Massive hooks, passionate vocals, extremely tasty guitar work and lavish keyboards although the production is a bit descent. In 2007 re-released from Retrospect Records include a dvd with a rare performance of the band live in New York.


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Jaded Heart – Jaded Heart [1991]

teteryCountry USA

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. Burning Love, 02. One Nite Stand, 03. (When You) Need Some Love, 04. Little Romeo, 05. Other Side, 06. Sweet Mindle (’90s Mix)

Profile Jaded Heart were a fantastic’80s-style hair metal band who hailed from Fresno in the late ’80s/early’90s!! This 6-song demo came out in 1991 through Yarchiki Records. Is very rare and features classic ’80s style melodic hard rock in the vein of bands like Dokken, White Lion, TNT and XYZ featuring fantastic vocals and blazing guitar work with slick production and superb musicianship. 


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Isaias – El Hilo Invisible [1994]

isaias10Country Spain

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members David Rodriguez – Lead/backing vocals,keyboards, Francisco Cortes – Guitars,backing vocals, Fco. Javier Rus – Bass,backing vocals, Adolfo Correa Dornell – Drums

Tracks 01. Sin Solución, 02. El Hilo Invisible, 03. Aquella Tarde de Noviembre, 04. Vuelvo a la Marcha de Ayer, 05. Te va Gustando, 06. Ocultándolo al Personal, 07. Al navegar la noche, 08. Un Pasatiempo, 09. AcuérDate de mí al Despegar, 10. Recorriendo tus Pasos, 11. Algo Cambió, 12. Recordaré

Profile Hyper rare stuff from Marbella (Malaga) even in Spain released only on vinyl back in 1994, a mixture of hard rock with a touch of AOR in some songs. This one is the band’s second effort with more melodious songs than their heavier first work, but they never gain a success. They had good songwriting, great instrumentation and a great voice thanks of David Rodríguez (Lobo David) but the luck of the hit song. Worth your attention if you find it…


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Caín – Un Paso Mas en el Camino [1991]

fegedCountry Spain

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal

Rating 78/100

Band Members Yoly – Lead vocal, Danny Aragon – Drums,percussion,backing vocals, Oscar Aragón – Guitars,backing vocals, Paco Escudero – Bass,backing vocals

Additional Musicians Jaci Rodríguez – Keyboards

Tracks 01. El Guardian de los Suenos, 02. Siempre por tu Amor, 03. Una Luz en la Oscuridad, 04. Luna Lena, 05. La Amazona, 06. Sangre, 07. No Hay Dinero Para el rock n’ roll, 08. Alta Sociedad, 09. Vuela Hasta mi

Profile Quite rare melodic metal/hard rock album from this Motril based band formed in 1985. This is the band’s second effort, released on the Avispa label. Very good music and quite hard to track down, having great keys overall, some really catchy tunes and powerful vocals from Yoly. They played in many stages around their hometown, Granada and Bilbao while they open the stage for Héroes Del Silencio, gain good reviews and airplay attention but unfortunately the bad promotion had poorly sales. A new album came out in 1993 melled to be their last as the band split-up a year later. “Un Paso Mas en el Camino” released only on vinyl and is rare.


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