Listen – Stand Alone [1987]

LISTEN - coverCountry USA

Style AOR/Synth Pop

Rating 79/100

Band Members Donna Lux – Vocals, Tony Krainik – Guitars, Russ Noble – Keyboards, John Howery – Drums, Randy Shinn – Drums,percussion, Marie Howery,Sue Robertson – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. I’ll Stand (4:19), 02. You Showed Me (3:20), 03. Slouchin’ To Bethlehem (5:10), 04. I Could Have Been The One (3:25), 05. Shanghai’d (4:06), 06. (Le Me Be A) Dream For You (3:49), 07. Where Do My Words Go (3:58)

Profile Indie female fronted AOR/Synth-Pop band from Arizona with their mega-rare album “Stand Alone” came out in 1987. Actually this is a demo recording where musically cross between melodic rock tunes to synth heavy pop tunes, with some good chorus and cheesy-cute synths overall. Unfortunatelly the luck of promotion won’t help them for the big step.

LISTEN - band

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Baby Blue – American Boys [1988]

Baby Blue coverCountry USA

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 88/100

Band Members Johnny Angel – Lead vocals,guitars, Dan Delano – Keyboards,backing vocals, Tom Cat – Guitars,backing vocals, Davey O – Bass,guitars,backing vocals, Fran Tiona – Drums,backing vocals

Tracks 01. It Ain’t No Crime, 02. Daddy’s Little Girl, 03. Six Shooter, 04. All That I Need, 05. Don’t Look Back, 06. Take Me Tonite

Profile From Buffalo of New York coming Baby Blue, a band that had all the best specifications for something bigger that never came. The band formed in 1988 by guitarist Johnny Angel after he left from the glam/hard rock band Rock Candy. The band manage to recorded and release a 6 tracks demo tape where the quality of the songs and the good production won’t let you dawn and make it one of the lost gem of the 80s that definetely worth your attention.

The band has the same music style as Rock Candy but way better and more melodiouc. These guys do show flashes of greatness and made me a believer. Johnny Angel is simply¬† great and they have some thoughtful lyrics that pull you in to the better songs’ sheer catchiness. The same year Johnny Angel in Buffalo Music Awards voted as one of the best hard rock guitarist among Stephen Shaw from Rock Candy. Amazing compositions, many backing vocals, catchy choruses, sparkling keys and memorable hooks compose this effort released only in cassette.

Baby Blue BAND

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Deborah Lee – Deborah Lee [1993]

Deborah LeeCountry France

Style Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Deborah Lee – Vocals, Renaud Hantson – Drums,synthesizer,backing vocals, Sophie Walter – Backing vocals, Frantz Fagot – Guitars

Additional Musicians Thierry Masson,Philippe Masson,Alex Puiseuc,Nono Labbe,Eric Fermentel – Backing vocals, Stephane Zena – Bass, Diabolo – Harmonica, Tribauit Abrial,Pascal Betremieux,T. Taks – Guitars, Gilbert Courtois,Casse Woyciechowsky – Sound FX,sensoround

Tracks 01. No Way Out (3:40), 02. Lo Robo, (3:16), 03. Doctor Love (2:49), 04. Trouble (4:40), 05. Apuesta (3:03), 06. What is Life (2:46), 07. Viciosos (3:07), 08. The Spider and the King (4:42), 09. Heaven or Hell (3:46), 10. Pesadilla (4:28)

Profile Outstanding and hyper rare debut album from Deborah Lee, released back in 1993 through NGB Records. The guitar work in this record is simply gorgeous among Deborah’s crispy vocals that can be compared with Udo Dirkschneider, something unique for a female singer. The last song is a cover from Helloween’s “I Want Out” that also worth your attention if you are an open mind person.

Deborah Lee photo

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Shake – Swept Away [1984]

121361078805Country USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 83/100

Band Members


Profile One of the rarest album out there is the one and only work from this California based melodic rock outfit called Shake and their 6-tracks EP “Swept Away” released in 1984 from Shake Production. A very good female fronted band with good songwriting, catchy tunes and memorable hooks blend with pompus keys and lots of backing vocals.




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Changed – Skinny And Naked [1991]

changedCountry Netherlands

Style CCM Melodic Rock/Rock

Rating 70/100

Band Members Ytsje Droogsma – Vocals, Mark Maas – Drums, Benno Niejmeijer – Bass, Keyboards, Jouke Droogsma – Vocals Guitars, Keyboads

Additional Members Ron Aerts – Strings,hammond, Ferens Deli – Piano, Bert Van Wieren – Acoustic/electric guitars

Tracks 01. God Is Deaf, 02. Troubles Seeker, 03. Only One Answer, 04. Skinny And Naked, 05. I Don’t Care, 06. It’s Not Easy, 07. Use It Well, 08. Take My Hand, 09. Say Stop

Profile Another rarity from Leeuwarden, very underground, sound familiar to Rez Band…They performed a few times at Flevo Festival in The Netherlands. The guitar player and the lead singer where man and wife. However their marriage ended and so did their band.. The band were acted from the early 80s with few releases until the early 90s with many influences from the 70s and new wave vibes in vocal parts. Nothing spectacular here or any memorable tunes, indeed has a collectors value nowdays.

changed band

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