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Hard Luck Kid – Hard Luck Kid [1990]

HARD_LUCK_KID_STCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Mark Kalinoski – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Rich Petz – Drums,Backing Vocals, Slim Strait – Bass,Acoustic Guitar,Backing Vocals, Ted Shredd – Lead Vocals

Tracks 01. She’s Got It (4:20), 02. Matter Of Time (6:04), 03. Jerks Behind The Wheel (3:17), 04. Fight It Hard, Fight It Fast (3:04), 05. U Look Like Sex To Me (4:14), 06. True Life Story (4:29), 07. Bubba Likes Girls (3:39), 08. Getta Get Out (4:51)

Profile Denver based hard rock outfit Hard Luck Kid released their debut album back in 1990 through Razzle Dazzle Records and disbanded the following year. The album contain eight well arranged and performed tracks with cranchy guitar riggs, crispy vocals and some really strong songs like the rocking “Fight It Hard, Fight It Fast” and “Getta Get Out”. Ultra rare in very limited copies….

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Bad Luck Inc. – Live To Ride [1993]

BADLUCK_LTRCountry USA          Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Paul Whittaker – Lead/Rhythm Guitars,Lead/Backing Vocals, Bob Branum – Drums,Backing Vocals, William Soderman – Synth,Rhythm Guitar, Mike Smith – Bass, Mike Mccabe – Backing Vocals,Piano On “Remember”

Tracks 01. Live To Ride, 02. On The Rocks, 03. Remember, 04. Have To Pay, 05. I’m Going Away, 06. Born Out Of Nothingness, 07. Two Ways To Go, 08. Life Is Hard, 09. No Place Like Home

Profile In 1986, Bad Luck inc. was started in Ferndale, Michigan. Rick Nelson and Paul Whittaker, childhood friends, got together to put Paul’s music and Rick’s words together. Things were on there way, although there were different members to come and go. After all the changes, still, the best line up was, Paul Whittaker- vocals/guitar, Rick Nelson- bass/vocals, and Bob Branum- drums/vocals. These guys were the heart of Bad Luck.

The band liked to play “raw-edge” style music. It was loud and rowdy, punk music– from originals to covers. Bad Luck actually recorded four albums and a few videos, as well. The band played at all the clubs/venues in the city and had quite a large fan base. The fans never knew what to expect. The shows sometimes had smoke machines, strobe/laser lights, mirrors/guitars smashed, it was never uneventful.The band stayed together until 1997. The members drifted apart into doing the own interests.


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Audio Mob – Audio Mob [1993]

jjuuhhCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Billy Neill – Guitars, Chris O’Donnell – Drums, Joe Paglia – Keyboards,Vocals, Mark Chasen – Vocals,Guitar, Nick Mettimano – Bass

Tracks 01. All The Way (3:51), 02. Big Time Gambler (3:54), 03. Fire And War (4:09), 04. High On Yourself (2:58), 05. Don’t Say Anything (3:12), 06. Beware (3:11), 07. Forward Motion (3:19), 08. Just Can’t Feel (3:43), 09. Beverly Hills (3:07), 10. To The Top (3:36)

Profile Philadelphia based hard rock outfit Audio Mob formed in the early 90s features ex-Whitefoxx vocalist Mark Chasen. They played most of the original music spots in and around Philadelphia. The Barbary, Chestnut Cabaret, 23 East, PJ’s Red Garter, Cell Block and many more. They were lucky enough to even play at The Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, opening for the band Styx. In 1993 they released their one and only album offer us a pretty good average Hard Rock album,with a Pop sound and some really good songs like the catchy “Beverly Hills”, the groovy “Forward Motion”, “Just Can’t Feel” with a new wave touch and the rocking “High On Yourself ” With the released of their debut album they continued gigging around Philadelphia and even made their way up to New York’s famous CBGB’s. Unfortunately the band ended the following year. If they gain a contract from a big company definetely they’ll gain the success they deserve. One more rarity that want to be discovered.


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Akela – Nasty Reputation [1990]

AKELA_NRCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 72/100

Band Members Jimmy Thomas – Drums,keyboards,backing vocals, Jimmy Couch – Vocals, Timothy Nunez – Guitars, Kenny Thomas – Bass,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Captain Power, 02. Rock Candy, 03. One Shot, 04. Akela’s 9th., 05. Jennifer, 06. Nasty Reputation, 07. Angel, 08. You Need Someone

Profile Another short-lived hard rock band coming from Beaumont, appeared on “Star Search” twice (winning at least once) although Jay Hollander was their vocalist at that time.  It seems like they were caught between both a Hard Rock image (earlier) and more of a later-90’s Glam image later. This 8-song full-length album/demo came out in 1990 through Hobo Records while the song “Rock Candy” is a cover from Montrose. The album having strong melodies, great hooks and very catchy songs with solid musicianship (incredible vocalist and guitarist!) and fantastic production. The main problem here is their musical direction that was becoming more unclear as time was wearing on. In any case this one is also hyper rare for die hard collectors.


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Blaz-On – In Our Free Time [1991]

BLAZ-ON_IOFTCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members Mike Wise – Lead vocals,bass,afro harp, Wade Corbin – Drums,percussion,, Frank White – Electric/acoustic guitars,background vocals

Tracks 01. Mondays (3:09), 02. You Put a Spell on Me (4:08), 03. Feather in a Halo (3:24), 04. Little Jane (4:51), 05. I Won’t Wait (3:57), 06. Everybody’s Thing (3:10), 07. We’re Here for You (3:39), 08. I Want Your Love (3:50), 09. I Think of You (5:34), 10. Liquor Blues (3:10), 11. Little Jane Re-mix (4:47)

Profile Pennsylvania based hard rock outfit Blaz-On in the late 80’s and this is one their only work came out back in 1991 through Pwetend Records. Although the production is a bit thin the quality of the songs will definetely satisfy you especially if you are fan of Dirty Blonde. The album is very rare in limited copies and worth the search. Soon after Blaz-On disbanded in the early 90’s, Mike and Frank had formed what would become one of the state’s most popular party bands, Emily’s Toybox.


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