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Trash Vegas – Grooveyard [1993]

TRASHVEGAS_GYCountry USA          Style Sleaze Glam

Rating 74/100

Band Members Bobby Lamonde – Lead/Backing Vocals,Guitar,Sax, Mark Anderson – Guitar,backing vocals, Tas Haas – Drums,backing vocals, Tommi Osh – Bass,backing vocals

Tracks 01. It’s A Shame, 02. Decoration, 03. Jessie, 04. Heavy Shake, 05. Make Me Into Your Monster, 06. Another Like You, 07. Napoleon’s Magic Carpet Ride, 08. Thinkin’ ‘Bout You, 09. Ballad Of Barbara, 10. Evening Crazies, 11. Walkin’ Home In The Rain, 12. Dracula Bites, 13. Grooveyard, 14. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey

Profile Trash Vegas formed in the early 90s and debuted witht the single “Legal High Blues / Rated X” released in 1990. Their debut album released in 1993 through Get Hip label contain fourteen tracks of uncompromising guitar based glam-rock a la early Guns ‘N Roses with a New York Dolls/Johnny Thunders twist from Pittsburgh. High powered rock ‘n’ roll that sounds close to the Faster Pussycat style having have this sweet American sound in the guitars, with good attitude but the songwriting though is average and not enough. The album includes an energetic workout of the Beatles’ epic “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey.” 


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Skit Skat – Now And Then [2013]

SKITSKAT_NATCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members W. James Woods – Vocals,Acoustic Guitar, Bob Hanson – Drums,backing vocals, David Briggs – Bass,backing vocals, Jonni Lightfoot – Guitar, backing vocals, Jeff Alleman – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Tracks 01. Hollywood Rock Boys, 02. Good Girls, 03. You Were Right, 04. Dirty Or Not, 05. Trapped, 06. Bobby, 07. Dirty Or Not, 08. S.N.A.F.U., 09. Bobby, 10. Good Girls (Demo), 11. You Were Right (Acoustic), 12. Bottoms Up (Rehearsal), 13. Hollywood Rock Boys (Rehearsal), 14. Kitty Kitty (Rehearsal), 15. Teach Me, Don’t Preach Me (Rehearsal)

Profile Rock ‘N Roll that will kick your teeth in!! Skit Skat formed in June 1991 at Salt Lake City, featuring guitarist Jonni Lightfoot of Air Supply and Starbreaker and thanks to FnA Records their materials released for first time in cd with old and new songs written with the re-union of the band after years. An album full of great hooks and harmonies for the fan of bands like Motley Crüe, Poison, Shotgun Messiah, Kiss, Warrant, Skid Row, Def Leppard.


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Passion Play – Time Stand Still [1997]

PASSION_PLAY_TSSCountry United Kingdom          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 73/100

Band Members Paul Sinden – Guitars,Keyboards,programming, Pete Prescott – Vocals

Additional Musicians Liane Carroll – Lead/backing vocals,keyboards, Barry St. John – Backing vocals, Matt Buckton – Lead/backing vocals, Roger Carey – Bass, Olivor Leech – Saxophone

Tracks 01. Blood On Our Hands (4:50), 02. Half A Man (5:06), 03. Tear Down The Walls (4:59), 04. Time Stands Still (5:59), 05. Made For Love (3:39), 06. Mean Business (5:06), 07. Sad (4:41), 08. Heart (5:46), 09. Taking Care Of Business (3:55), 10. Surrender To The Night (4:00), 11. Time For The Hero (4:45), 12. Living In A Nightmare (6:10)

Profile Average AOR/melodic rock album, released on the Now & Then Records label back in 1997. The band founded in 1997 by Paul Sinden and Pete Prescott. Both worked together in Prescott’s solo album “Turn It Up” released in 1993. Prescott have gain a lot of experience with Sergeant and Force Field. In this album he work with bassist Roger Carey and vocalist Barry St. John of Force Field and Graham Bonnet. Their one and only album that came out in 1997 came be compare to Glenn Hughes style with influences from Boston and Bad Company. Good album with easy listening tunes but with no the hit song.


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Ultraviolet – Lighting and Shadow [1989]

165637Country South Korea          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Kim Jong-Jin – Bass, Choi Yeong-Woo – Drums, Kim Tae-Hyeong – Guitars, Min Chi-Yeong – Vocals

Tracks 01. Someone (03:50), 02. My Hometown (05:12), 03. Tonight (04:57), 04. Going Away Forever (05:16), 05. Dancing Heart (04:27), 06. All I Want (04:51), 07. When you find the Dark (05:37), 08. Dance Dance (05:24)

Profile Hard rock outfit from Seoul in the vein of Motley Crue formed in 1985 and after a couple of demos they released their debut album titled “Lighting and Shadow” back in 1989 through Bando label. The album contain 8-tracks having good ideas, strong somgwriting and outstanding gang backing vocals but unfortunately the production is not the best. The band split-up in 1990 and vocalist Min Chi-Yeong formed the heavy metal group “The club”. Another hyper rare stuff to be discovered…


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Hangaram – Fresh Man [1989]

101644_f_1Country South Korea          Style AOR/Pop

Rating 80/100

Band Members Choe Na Muk – Guitars, Bae Young Min – Keyboards, Cho Kyu Man – Vocals, Ju Jin Woo – Drums, Yig Eun Yong – Bass

Tracks 01. My World (5:12), 02. Looked at the Distant Skies (5:16), 03. Rubber Shoes (Instrumental)(0:58), 04. Touch My Heart (3:45), 05. Bon Voyage (3:25), 06. Pleasure of the Flesh (2:45), 07. Rock n’ Roll the City (2:57), 08. Dawn Way (5:38)

Profile Hangaram formed in 1988 in Seoul and “Fresh Man” is their debut album came a year later recorded while they were on high school while their sound cross between melodic rock and pop with crystal production, some catchy tunes and great keys overall. They were active till 1991. Released only as a vinyl is ultra hyper rare.


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