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Argema – Poprve [1993]

Argema_-_PoprvéCountry Czech          Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Josef Pavka – Drums, Mirek Březina – Guitars, Luboš Šipka – Bass, Pavel Březina – Keyboards, Jarek Filgas- Vocals

Tracks 01. Poprvé, 02. Růžový nosorožec, 03. Rány, 04. Ukrytá, 05. Špinavá záda, 06. Láska jen pro jednu noc, 07. Jen zapomenout, 08. Další den, 09. Blázen, 10. Ukradený sen, 11. Prázdná slova, 12. Jarošovský pivovar

Profile Argema is Czech pop-rock music group coming from Uherske Hradiste, which was found in 1982 by six members – Zbyněk Horák, Josef Pavka, Karel Holomáč, Slávek Borovička, Olda Gistr and Jarda Pavelka. The group formation has changed a lot of times. Currently the group consists of five members. The band name was given according to the biggest african night moth – Argema mittrei. The band started as a metal group releasing two demos back in 1989. They changed their style in 1991 towards a more melodic form of hard rock and in 1993 they released their debut album through Panton label. Very good production, bombastic keys, memorable tunes and strong songwriting is only the beginning for the what will follow from this band. They are still active where their last release came out in 2013.



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Pata – Pata [1993]

nkjgjjerekjejejCountry Japan          Style Bluesy Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Tomoaki Ishizuka “Pata” – Guitars, James Christian – Vocals, Tommy Aldridge,Simon Philips – Drums, Tim Bogert,Mike Porcaro,Gerald Johnson – Bass, Daisuke Hinata – Keyboards, Mike Finegen – Hammond Organ, Rafael Padilla – Percussion

Tracks 01. 6 Hours to Minute, 02. East Bound, 03. 5 O’Clock, 04. All the Way, 05. So Far, 06. Road of Love, 07. Little Iron Waltz, 08. Story of a Young Boy, 09. Psychedelic Jam, 10. Positively Unsure, 11. Strato Demon

Profile Self-titled solo project of X-Japan’s guitarist Pata(while still in X Japan) released only in Japan and quiet rare that came out in 1993 through BMG Victor Inc., features vocals by James Christian (House of Lords), plus Simon Philips and Mike Porcaro (Toto), Tommy Aldridge and more. The most of the tracks were instrumental. Pata’s music style sounded like hardrock with some blues elements. His second, “Raised on Rock”, was released two years later and again featured Christian, as well as Chuck Wright and Ken Mary. After the dissolution of X Japan in 1997 Pata formed his own project named P.A.F. Since 2000 he played in another japanese band called Dope HEADz till 2003.


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XLR8 – Girls Like To Rock [2013]

VhiDdjCountry USA          Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Danny Magzz – Vocals,bass, Kevin Myers – Drums,backing vocals, Mike Bino – Guitar,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Girls Like To Rock, 02. Rebel Child, 03. Turn Up The Music, 04. Immortalize, 05. Black Widow, 06. Speed Of Light, 07. Cold Blooded Woman, 08. Down Down Down, 09. Nervous Breakdown, 10. Go Go Dancer, 11. Love At First Sight, 12. One Track Mind (demo), 13. She Drives Me Wild (demo)

Profile XLR8 was formed in 1996 and was partly responsible for keeping the Hard Rock & Hair Metal scene alive on the east coast in the era when Grunge took over the airwaves. Opening for bands the likes of Firehouse, Britny Fox, Slaughter, Warrant, Ratt, Dokken, Cinderella, W.A.S.P., Ace Frehley, LA Guns, Quiet Riot and Tesla. Now Demon Doll Records have teamed up with the band to re-issue the cult favorite original XLR8 CD including never released tracks and demos that are sure to become instant metal classics!One major magazine listed the release as “hard edged 80′s sex driven rock tunes with searing guitars that will surely give the listener an EAR-gasm”.The songs “Go Go Dancer” and “Girls Like To rock” were heard on the Howard Stern show in 1999 and attracted attention from many national radio shows.This is a musical journey that once started must reach the inevitable conclusion that Girls Like to Rock!


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Swords – The Reason Why [1993]

187499Country Italy          Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 70/100

Band Members Cesare “Kess” Maggiolo – Bass,Vocals, Fabio “Max” Pastore – Guitars, Walter “B. Crane” Tognolo – Drums, Manuel T. Ross – Keyboards

Tracks 01. My Life (4:35), 02. Can’t Go Away (2:45), 03. Highway 101 (3:12), 04. Another Feel, Another Day (4:48), 05. Downtown (4:15), 06. Holidays With Us (3:50), 07. Only You Can (4:32), 08. You And Me (4:20), 09. Yellow Rose (2:55), 10. Fallin’ Star (3:38), 11. Just A Slice Of Paradise (2:45)

Profile Swords hailed from Padua, Veneto formed in 1980 by Cesare “Kess” Maggiolo and Fabio “Max” Pastore during the high school, influenced by the likes of Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Whitesnake and Rainbow. They begin to be known in the italian rock underground, and in 1985 comes the firs album “The Black Opera”, that, with Lady’s Crying For Me entered in the Top Ten of two french radio charts.. From here, live concerts all over the country, growing and changing line ups, and winning national rock contests (es Chianciano Rock 1991), the band arrives to the second album, in 1993: “The Reason Why”, produced by Gala Records, and Ricordi distributed.

This work goes across all Northern Europe, Japan and Canada (here, for a local artist, is remastered the song “You And Me”, edited like a single), and the italian promotion is by the opening acts to the Guitar Noir Tour by ex Genesis historical guitarist Steve Hackett. The record was ready to be edit, re-recorded and mastered with another name (Never Enough), in UK, but a misunderstanding with the English label wiped out the project. Following these facts, the band stops for some years, and the musicians follows solo projects.

Finally, in 2005, the re-union, with Andrea Fabris (drums), to compose and arrange the 12 songs for “Breath”, produced by Fabio Pastore, that begins a new way for the band in lyrics, music and meanings, played and sung with excellent musicians like Gabriel Ogrin (keyboards and sequencing) and Tiziana Guerra (vocals). 


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Driver – Driver [1994]

pcl2001-01Country Sweden          Style Hard Rock

Rating 72/100

Band Members Peter Arvidsson – Guitar,vocals, Jimmy Pinaitis – Guitar,backing vocals, Patrick Carlsson – Bass,backing vocals, Jorgen Bjork – Drums,backing vocals

Tracks 01. By the River’s Edge (4:24), 02. Back in your Arms (3:45), 03. Kick in the Groin (3:08), 04. Wind Cries (4:16)

Profile Short lived hard rock outfit from Eksjö released this 4-tracks EP back in 1994. Typical Scadinavian hard rock with an alternative touch having good production and tight guitar riffs but with the luck of the hit song. Peter Arvidsson and Jorgen Bjork later will team-up again with the band Dumper. Quite rare EP in limited 500 copies.


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